College-bound seminar for HS music students

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High school students bent on pursuing collegiate performing arts degrees can benefit from the information and guidance provided by Music Theatre of Connecticut’s (MTC) “Comprehensive College Bound Seminar” on Saturday May 18 from 10 a.m. until noon at MTC’s Norwalk complex, located at 509 Westport Avenue.

MTC’s deep dive is said to include:

  • In-depth information on over 50 colleges and their performing arts programs.
  • Application and audition timelines.
  • Grasping college theatre departments’ unique philosophies.
  • Post-graduation transitioning to a career as a performing artist.

According to a news release, the program boasts a 100% placement rate, including NYU, Northwestern, and University of Michigan. Notable graduates include composer/lyricist Justin Paul (The Greatest Showman, La La Land, Dear Evan Hansen) and singing actress Mia Gentile (Kinky Boots, Forbidden Broadway).

The seminar’s tuition fee is $95, including scheduling of a 30 minute private consultation at a later date. Get more info and reserve a spot for the seminar here, or by calling (203) 454-3883.


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  1. stephen balazs

    Is this a public notice or a free advertisement? Difficult to tell. Term seminar for a 2 hour event seems questionable. I get tons of emails from firms offering free retirement seminars etc…many with no cost–but a hook. My sense is this does not belong on the news site except as a paid for ad. $95 per person for 2 hrs isn’t cheap, This isn’t meant to disparage the company involved but this doesn’t belong as an article-

  2. Becca Stoll

    I hope there is a possibility of expanding this program to cover design/tech performing arts disciplines. That interview/portfolio process has become almost as competitive, and our field needs workers!

    1. Thank you for your input! Good news is that we are currently working on establishing a tech track for our program and hope to have it implemented next year.

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