Columbus Magnet School student Skye Martin named a National Invention Convention winner

(Norwalk Public Schools)

The Norwalk Board of Education is proud to recognize Columbus Magnet School Student Skye Martin for having placed first out of all fourth graders competing nationally in the annual Invention Convention this past summer.

Skye invented the Pump & Twist shampoo bottle to solve an issue that many face daily, trying to get all of the product out of the bottom of the shampoo bottle that the pump can’t reach!

Skye’s first Pump & Twist prototype was made from a shampoo bottle, the bottom of a hand cream jar, hot glue and rubber bands. She worked diligently on multiple prototypes to solve for issues and perfect her product.

The Pump & Twist won the schoolwide and statewide Invention Convention competitions in the spring, and the national Invention Convention awards in June. Skye moved on to the global convention, featuring 120 inventions from students in the United States, China, Mexico and Singapore. With each new level of competition, Skye updated her instructional video and added new details and elements.

As part of the district’s commitment to increase rigor in academic programs, our schools participate in regional and national competitions, providing our students will the opportunity to apply problem solving skills to real world issues. The Invention Convention encourages students to identify a need or work to solve a problem by following the same steps and patent application procedures that an inventor would follow in patenting an invention.

The Board of Education honors Skye and her Gifted & Talented Teacher Ms. Alyssa Malinowski, who supported and encouraged her students to think big, providing them with the framework to transform their ideas into reality.

Skye, we wish you luck with future inventing, and look forward to seeing which ideas you choose to pursue next!


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  1. Sherelle Harris

    Congratulations Skye. We are so very proud of you!

  2. DEE

    Congratulations Skye! A recognition so well deserved!
    Perhaps the Board of Education in the future, can think about recognizing all the students who win at all the state competitions such as Invention Convention, National History Day, Technology , etc. Those students go on to represent Norwalk Public Schools at their respective National Competitions. Even of they don’t win at the National level, they still deserve recognition from the BOE.

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