Coming to Norwalk next week: Throw all your recycling ‘stuff’ into one place

Norwalk single stream recycling 061313 063
New Norwalk recycling bins were distributed on Flax Hill Road last week.

NORWALK, Conn. – This is it, folks – the last week you can use your old-fashioned recycling tubs.

OK, the Department of Public Works has been sending out two-paragraph press releases in a campaign to get people’s attention – one release per week. They “would appreciate greatly that this information be included in (my) publication” but I figured you folks knew all about it and I haven’t put them up. After all, you did get a Code Red announcement from the mayor.

Just in case I’m wrong, WE ARE SWITCHING TO SINGLE STREAM RECYCLING. You get to throw everything into one container, but don’t use the big blue garbage can-like thingy with the official Norwalk seal on it until next Monday (July 1). Assuming you have it by now. We do. Good thing. My husband’s birthday is Thursday and the delivery of the “big blue shed” means I don’t have to buy him a present. 

Here’s the latest press release:

Recycling a ton of newspaper saves 17 trees from being cut down to make new paper and saves enough energy to power the average U.S. home for six months. Every ton of recycling that you separate saves the city $102.50. Please make every effort to separate more.

Isn’t that great? I have been feeling guilty about not printing these notices, what with my nice-girl-Catholic gene and all. I feel better now, I have shared this all with you.

Norwalk single stream recycling 061313 065
You read this, right? Don’t use the big blue thing until next week! Not for recycling anyway. If you want to use it to transport laundry it’s OK.

This is news: If they usually come by and grab everything you want to get rid of (referred to by your dog as “stealing the garbage”) on Thursday, don’t bother putting it out on July 4. They will come get it on Saturday, July 6. Your dog will have to live with it.

And guess what? The Norwalk Transfer Station and the Yard Debris Site will be closed  Thursday, July 4, and will reopen for regular business hours on Friday, July 5. Bet you hadn’t figured that out.

Last, but not least, the first press release:

Single Stream Recycling will make recycling easier for citizens because all recycled materials are mixed together in one container. You will not have to separate paper and cardboard from glass, metal and plastic. The 65-gallon recycling carts will be distributed over a three-week period starting June 10, 2013. Please do not use the blue carts until July 1, or they will not be emptied.

And, if you want to annoy the mayor, send him an email saying you’re going to miss being able to pick up the bin instead of rolling it to the curb.

Wait! I’m kidding! DON’T send an email to the mayor! And if you do, DON’T say I told you to do it! I will deny everything!

If you have any questions or concerns, please call the Customer Service Center at (203) 854-3200. Don’t call me. I don’t really know anything more than what I’ve told you already.

Norwalk department of public works 062413 033
It’s true! The release said: “Your new cart will be stamped with the guidelines to help you decide if an item should be recycled or placed in the trash. Everything that is currently recycled will now be recycled in one cart. This includes aluminum and metal cans, plastic containers, glass jars and bottles, paper, junk mail, newspapers, phone books, catalogs, magazines, cardboard and paperboard.”


6 responses to “Coming to Norwalk next week: Throw all your recycling ‘stuff’ into one place”

  1. Suzanne

    What a great Martha Stewart-y idea! Some stickers, maybe a few balloons and the perfect, awesomey-cool rolling birthday extravaganza! And it’s blue – perfect for boys (or, if not into the stereotyping, the male OR female gender!)

  2. Bruce Kimmel

    One point that should be mentioned: For anyone who does not want the large, 64 gallon blue containers, they should contact Customer Service and make arrangements for a smaller single-stream container. Related to this point: I have been told that City Carting will be working with the various condominium associations on all aspects of the new system; from container size to the placement of the containers.

  3. spanner

    Bruce is it ok if I offer to pick up blue containers at no cost to those who don’t want anything to do with them?

    It was also stated unless you position the container right with the hinge towards the house expect a mess in front of your home.So when those pickers come by and look thru your bin make sure they put it back right for pickup.This was on the city website yet I didn’t see it anywhere else how to position the container.Hope the truck when reaching out don’t clip cars in its retrieval of the buckets.Do the men even get out of the truck anymore?Who picks up the mess if it happens according to some there is that chance of debris falling back onto the sidewalk.

    The story in Rowyaton is—- some got a delivery this week now they have two for a single home with a single resident thats planning isn’t it?No one checked to see if they already had one? Thats Norwalk for you.

    Maybe its tme to reward Stupidity DPW seems to thrive on it.Not sure what the reward would be maybe Bob Duff has some lobsters hanging around.

    Bruse I had inquired about the diversion rate any idea what Norwalks figures were without them how did the council make educated decisions on how this program would work?

    Bruce has the city adopted a law in regards to those stealing out of the buckets?Other cities had to go to this measure to prevent widespread litter from those dumping the blue containers and getting the emptys.Its going to be hard now for those poor fellas who come by and finish off the bottles before pickup.The police dept without a law on the books to enforce anything as its been for years under the current administration find its hard to discourage those who do this.It was by shopping cart now its by pickup truck whats the deal did the council even bring the subject up?

    Seems this was slammed into place without much thought,after checking with other cities Norwalk seems to have put the horse in front of the cart.

  4. spanner

    oh oh I was wondering as Peter Falk would say what happens if the blue bucket gets stolen who pays for it?Does the city offer insurance?

  5. spanner

    sorry just had to add this

    The theft of materials such as bottles and newspapers from recycling bins can be more than a nuisance for homeowners who don’t want people waking them up at night going through their recycling bins; it can also cost cities money. Garbage contracts are partially based on the ability for garbage companies to collect recyclable materials such as CRV bottles and bulk newspaper and recycle them for profit. People who steal large amounts of recycling reduce potential profits for waste disposal companies that might increase the rates charged to cities for their services to make up the difference.

    In 2009, a new law took effect in California which sought to limit the ability of people to steal recycling and sell it in bulk. According to Assemblywoman Fiona Ma, the law requires that recycling centers require identification from people who bring in more than $100 in goods and require them to be paid by check rather than cash.

    The horse here is in front of the cart.

  6. Debora


    Point of clarification, as we were working with DPW on this issue on behalf of the neighborhood associations to make sure this information was being conveyed correctly. The small bins are to be made available for people who “need” them, such as handicapped and elderly folks. People who “want” them may be able to receive one if there are any available after those have been given out.

    Also, the smaller bins haven’t been delivered yet, so they probably won’t be able to be swapped in time for the first pickups next week.

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