Comment policy: A reminder

NORWALK, Conn. — As we head into a new campaign season, it is apparently time to remind everyone of our comment policy, which will be enforced.

Our goal is to provide a forum for information and a healthy exchange of ideas – constructive, informative, entertaining or all of the above.

We encourage:

  • Adding information to the post. If you know something we don’t, please do share it!
  • Updates. We don’t live in a static world. Updating info helps everyone.
  • Opinions: Like, say, noses, everyone has one. Feel free to share yours, but please be respectful.

In a perfect world, the next set of items would not be necessary. Unfortunately, not everyone can play nice with others:

  •  This is something every child in the U.S. is being taught: Do not insult, bully, threaten or harass the writers or your fellow commenters. Comments referring to other commenters as “idiots,” “retards,” or other unsavory terms will be edited or not published. Keep the back-and-forth with commenters on topic.
  • Offensive, inappropriate or annoying comments may be deleted or subjected to distempering. This includes character assassination by innuendo.
  • Spam once, you are gone. This means junk comments, promotional copies or attachments.
  • Sock puppets – alias accounts created by previously banned commenters or by commenters who are seeking third-party approval the easy way – will be banned.
  • Trolls will be banned.
  • Racist, sexist, anti-Semitic, homophobic or otherwise offensive comments will be deleted. Continued violators will be banned.
  • Creativity is a wonderful thing, but finding creative ways to try to avoid getting flagged for policy violations is not cool. Comments will be deleted and commenters will be banned..
  • Please don’t include e-mail addresses, physical addresses, or phone numbers in your comments for the purpose of self-promotion, or for the purpose of harassing or publicly exposing the private data of others. Such comments will be redacted or removed.

We make mistakes. We want to fix them.

  • We welcome alerts about typos, incorrect names, factual errors, and the like.
  • We generally do not correct quoted text.
  • Factual errors will be corrected at the editor’s discretion if verifiable documentation is available.
  • Requests for credit or attribution may be honored at the editor’s discretion if verifiable documentation is submitted.

Send an email to [email protected] if you think a comment is offensive or breaks the above rules.

We reserve the right to modify the rules. Continual violators will be banned from commenting.

Comments represent the opinion of the commenter and the commenter alone. NancyOnNorwalk and Englewood Edge LLC take no responsibility for opinions or the veracity of statements made by commenters on this website.


4 responses to “Comment policy: A reminder”

  1. John Levin

    NoN: our town’s gold standard.

  2. SMH

    Would the sockpupperty apply to certain and or all council members as well?

  3. grandma

    Guess I am out of the loop and getting old.
    I thought sock puppets were costumes a guy
    by the name of Jim Henson spiffed up to
    entertain and educate a generations
    of kids.

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