Common Council, District E: Jay Parisi

Jay Parisi. (Contributed)

District E, Republican

  • Describe how your occupation will assist you in serving Norwalk and give three brief but specific examples, including what committees on which you hope to serve.

As a past volunteer firefighter for 25 years having earned several certifications, I would like to be considered to be on the Fire Commision. Having an office on River St and seeing the chaos that has ensured in the Wall St area after reversed angled parking has been instituted I would also like to serve on the parking authority. Having had a family in the construction business and growing up and actually have worked with Norwalk’s DPW in the past, I would also like to be considered for the public works committee. 

  • The Norwalk Charter is on the ballot for its first major revision in about 100 years. Assuming it passes, would you support forming a new Charter Revision Commission in the coming term to address unfinished business? What would be your top three priorities for change? Can you explain why? 

As a business owner, I believe the charter is similar to a business plan. It should be under constant review and able to adapt to any current changes. I would support a revision commission.

  • Do you believe Norwalk should have a Civilian Police Review Board and why or why not?

I would support a Civilian Review Board. While I have faith in our police department, I also understand that events over the past few years might cause some people’s faith to have waivered. I think a board of civilians would help restore that faith.

  • There is a constant public battle between city government, the school board, and concerned citizens. It seems that all are “dug in” with their positions, eager to “defeat” the other to win their own agenda. What would you specifically propose to bring all groups to the table to solve issues rather than fight about them? Policy changes and revisions can certainly be part of your answer.

I do not have children attending Norwalk public schools so do not have a dog in this fight. If elected, I would do my best to understand all sides. Any particularly divisive topic I might abstain from getting involved with precisely because I do not have children here and would not want to impose my beliefs on someone who does. That said, depending on what the issue is, I should also be able to remain impartial to it because I do not have children here. I would have to take it as it comes.

  • Housing affordability” means different things to many people. The current standard is based on the median income of Fairfield County, which is $84,233 per household. A job that pays $30 per hour misses that standard by approximately $22,000. What is your definition of Housing affordability, and do you think the standard should be made more equitable?

I don’t like using the term “equitable”, I prefer “equal”. In order for people to be able for afford living in Norwalk on an equal basis, I would promote more higher paying jobs. I do, however, support property tax discounts and other programs for our seniors who are retired and living off a fixed income. They have contributed to our tax base for decades in some cases and shouldn’t be forced out of Norwalk in order to live

  • What would you propose to move Norwalk’s government agencies, businesses,  organizations, and private citizens towards a zero-carbon footprint?

I don’t think a zero-carbon footprint is realistic at this point. However, I do believe that everyone should at least be able to agree that less pollution is better for all. I certainly would be against using taxpayer dollars to buy carbon credits. That just moves money around and doesn’t do anything to reduce pollution here in Norwalk. I would look into more electric vehicle incentives. Perhaps charging stations, and reserved or even free parking.


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