Congratulations to my opponent

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I want to congratulate my opponent Dominique Johnson on her win and wish her luck in her new role representing the 143rd legislative district in Hartford.  Though the results were disappointing, I have much to be thankful for, especially the voters who came out to support me because they believed in my message.  We may have lost, but our voices were heard.  As a political newcomer, it was rewarding to knock on doors in Norwalk and Westport and talk to voters about the issues they care about—affordability, schools, safety and quality of life.  I’ll still be present and advocating for these things in my district and my state.

We were fortunate to have the support of Independents, Unaffiliateds and Democrats as well as Republicans.  Building coalitions is the future of our democracy.  And I will continue to work to make elections more accessible to more voters regardless of party of registration.  We must move forward together, bound by our common humanity and in the spirit of hope.

God bless everyone!
Nicole Hampton

Republican candidate for District 143


5 responses to “Congratulations to my opponent”

  1. Bobby Lamb

    Nicole, please drop this I’m a moderate/independent thing. You admitted to being an insurrection denier, oppose gun control, are anti mask and anti vaccine, want to check curriculum for traces of CRT and “grooming”. You are MAGA all the way and didn’t fool us. Thanks but no thanks.

  2. Johnny cardamone

    Great job Nicole you brought a lot of class to the race and carry yourself well👍🏼😇🙏🏼

  3. Mike O’Reilly

    Nicole, You are a true leader working to unite people. Such a bright political future ahead of you. Common sense, empathy actually listening to voters. You are a winner and I hope we benefit from having you in our community for years to come. Please don’t move to Florida. Grin

  4. Rasheemah Richardson

    I had the pleasure of campaigning with Nicole Hampton.  Never have I seen a woman work harder to earn the privilege of serving others.  Even in loss, Nicole is all class.  In conceding the race, she congratulated her opponent and thanked her supporters. @Bobby Lamb, maybe spend more time with people like Nicole and less with political operatives.  Trashing someone’s concession statement is bad for the digestion and doesn’t do much for the soul either.  

  5. Nicole Hampton

    Embittered souls tell lies. I did denounce the January 6 riot at our Nation’s Capital. But I also denounce efforts to divide Americans based on political party, race, gender or sexual orientation. I support sensible gun control, especially keeping firearms out of the hands of criminals. I do not oppose vaccines or masks for those who choose them because I support bodily autonomy and choice. I do oppose mandates for either without compelling medical evidence that they stop the spread. COVID vaccines and cloth masks do not. CRT divides according to race. I prefer uniting based on shared values and common humanity. DEI sounds good on paper, until taxpayers have to pay for a new hire who doesn’t have a job description and whose performance can’t be measured or evaluated. DEI might as well stand for “Don’t Expect Improvements.” I believe we can educate children at the appropriate time about human sexual reproduction without creating a display table that includes illustrated pornography on how to perform oral sex. Third graders do not need school manuals on how to masturbate. They need to be reading on grade level by then, otherwise half of their curriculum going forward will be incompressible, setting them up for future academic failure. Our values shape our opinions. My values are sound. Demonizing and “othering” based on who voted for whom is the road to ruin. I pray that one day partisans will tire of labeling their opponents as evil, tire of dividing based on race and identity, and mostly tire of using fear to consolidate power.

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