Connecticut lawmakers ask retailers to ban guns in stores

U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (Hugh McQuaid Photo)
U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy (Hugh McQuaid Photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – Citing shootings at stores and restaurants, members of Connecticut’s congressional delegation called upon retailers Friday to ask their customers to leave their guns outside.

U.S. Sen. Richard Blumenthal, U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy, and U.S. Rep. Elizabeth Esty wrote Friday to the president of the National Retail Federation, asking the trade group to adopt “common sense” gun policies for customers and to use its political influence to support strengthening federal gun control policies.

“At Walmart alone, since [the 2012 school shooting in] Newtown, 79 shootings have occurred and 19 fatalities,” Blumenthal said at a Friday press conference. “All across the country retail establishments are less safe, more vulnerable to these kinds of tragedies than ever before. That’s why we are calling on the retail federation to do the right thing. Take voluntary steps to make their customers safer and stand up and speak out.”

The congressional delegation is asking the federation to adopt policies similar to steps taken recently by chains like Starbucks and Chipotle. Those companies asked customers not to bring firearms into their establishments after “open carry” advocates demonstrated at some of their locations by carrying weapons into the stores.

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6 responses to “Connecticut lawmakers ask retailers to ban guns in stores”

  1. M. Murray’s

    Brilliant. And will these legislators be willing to pay business owners when they get robbed, shot, or killed because they made themselves targets for the bad guys with guns who would bring them anyway and now be less fearful that employees or law abiding good guys with guns will defend themselves? Ask your local police officer (not chief or political administrators) how they feel about victims being able to defend themselves. Ask most police officers what type of handgun they prefer to carry for themselves when they are off duty.

  2. Just curious

    This is as ridiculous as gun free and.drug free zones! People with evil intentions don’t give a cap and will do whatever it takes to commit these heinous acts whether purchased legally or not.

  3. sofaman

    M. Murray. Re-read the article. It’s about customers carrying, not store owners. Also please review the 19 fatalities at Walmart stores. Your good guy stopping a bad guy world is a fantasy. The perverted logic of gun supporters continues to help the USA earn the most deadly country in the modern world award by a massive margin.

  4. p.o.taxpayer

    how do we vote these 3 stooges into office. Himes who isn’t in the pic and these other 2. illegals, drug cartels and terrorists are in control of the U.S. border and thats the real danger these 3 stooges should be working on, if they really want to keep us safe.But its all B.S. they want to take rights away from law abidding americans. i’m voting against all these clowns. we need to secure the border with no strings attached period.

  5. @sofaman- it’s no fantasy – maybe if just one of those teachers in newtown had been licensed to carry a gun, maybe all those precious angels wouldn’t have died.

  6. sofaman

    Maybe? Maybe If? All those dead angels are a result of a failed and stupid gun policy. All you’ve got to respond is a hypothetical fantasy. The fact, again, is the US is the shameful leader in murder thanks to guns. No other developed country on the planet has numbers anywhere near the USA’s.

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