Connecticut needs change, Wink will work to bring it

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Ellen Wink gets my vote and I’m urging neighbors in the 137th Assembly District to do the same.

Ellen is a Norwalk citizen, businessperson, volunteer, and friend of the community. She is reliable; works hard; shows up. Voters can rely on Ellen to listen to their points of view and represent local interests in Hartford. She will be guided by what is best for Norwalk.

Importantly, the numbers cry out for change. The latest evidence comes from the Connecticut Center for Economic Analysis, as reported this week. Acknowledging the economic damage inflicted by the coronavirus pandemic, the report concludes Connecticut was “headed for financial trouble even before the pandemic struck.”

The report notes Connecticut still has not recovered jobs lost during the Great Recession. It concludes recovery of jobs, income, and economic output will, optimistically, take another 10 years.

Connecticut’s rich history of economic and entrepreneurial leadership is eroded by well-meaning legislators who rely on taxes, regulations, and central thought. Ellen presents trust in families, small businesses, and hard-working individuals to take the lead in the effort we all believe in: Returning Connecticut to its position of respect and admiration among the States.

Tad Diesel

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