Connecticut police to report Taser incidents

HARTFORD, Conn. –Police departments will be required to report their usage of electronic weapons to the state under a bill approved by the legislature on the final night of the session.

By 2015, departments will need to adopt rules on the use of Tasers that meet a policy developed by Police Officer Standards and Training Council.

They also will be required to submit annual reports to the state Office of Policy and Management with details on incidents when the stun guns were used. The bill calls for data on the race of the people tased, the number of times the electronic weapon was used on each person, and the injuries they suffered if there were any.

Enacting rules on the use of Tasers has been a priority of the legislature’s Black and Puerto Rican Caucus. They met this year with the Connecticut Police Chiefs Association to negotiate a policy, which was passed both chambers during the last week of the session.

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  1. Mr Norwalk Ct

    This is a good step. It seems that anytime an a arrest is made in Norwalk the taser is used. I tend to believe the NPD is over using this weapon.

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