Connecticut to send absentee ballot applications to all eligible voters

Norwalk Town Clerk Rick McQuaid asks that you drop your absentee ballot documents in either of these two boxes, at City Hall or the Norwalk Police Department. (Contributed)

The 2020 election is scheduled for Nov. 3.

NORWALK, Conn. — Connecticut has decided to send absentee ballot applications to every eligible voter in light of COVID-19, according to Norwalk Town Clerk Rick McQuaid.

“The Norwalk Town Clerk’s Office received notice from the Secretary of the State that their office will be mailing each eligible voter in Connecticut an absentee ballot application in the upcoming weeks.  If you are choosing to vote absentee, your completed application should be returned to my office in order for your information to be put into the State system qualifying you to receive your absentee ballot,” McQuaid said Wednesday in a press release.

Drop the completed application in the drop box outside of City Hall or the one outside the Norwalk Police Department, he said. The boxes will be checked every day starting Sept. 1.

  • IMPORTANT:  If you have already mailed in an absentee ballot application for the November election, please complete the application that you receive from the Secretary of the State and drop it off,” he wrote.


The ballots themselves will be available Oct. 2 and will be mailed directly from the Town Clerk’s office, according to McQuaid. Then, once you’ve filled it out, drop it in one of the City’s secure boxes, at City Hall or the Norwalk Police Department, any time of day.

“This will allow us to process the information faster than if you utilized the services of a post office.  It is your choice whether you use this system or decide to mail the absentee ballot through the post office,” McQuaid wrote.

Make sure the address on your application is correct, because that’s where the ballot will be sent, he said. “If you notice any errors on your voting information please contact Registrar of Voters at 203-854-7996 to have correction made.”

Norwalk’s 12 polling places will still be open on Election Day, Nov. 3, from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m.

For questions, contact McQuaid at [email protected] or call  (203) 854-7747.


CT-Patriot August 23, 2020 at 9:50 am

Governor Lamont….question for you and your administration.

Are we adults or children?

Don’t you think if we need an absentee ballot we can request one on our own?

So, what’s the point sending absentee ballots to those of us who choose to vote in person?

Seems obvious to me that this is a prelude to full on mail in voting.

Next time, why don’t you let us, the citizens living in Connecticut or those who may be out of state make our own decisions when it comes to our civil right to voting.

Excessive absentee ballots is a cost we can do without. Manpower to count them as well adds to overall costs.

Taxes are too high as it is, how much will we pay for all these ballots?

By the way, more of us are leaving Connecticut but then again, more are moving in from NYC from their issues. Go bother them for more money in taxes be it state or local.

Last one left leaving CT, please turn out the lights…

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