Connecticut will offer real-time election results this November

Secretary of the State Denise Merrill unveils the new system (Christine Stuart photo)
Secretary of the State Denise Merrill unveils the new system (Christine Stuart photo)

HARTFORD, Conn. – They’ve been working on it for more than five years, but Secretary of the State Denise Merrill said they’ve finished development of a real-time election results reporting system that works for Connecticut.

The program, which will be tested Tuesday in some towns, will allow local election officials to enter returns for their town into an Internet-based program that will share the results from each polling location with the public online.

This will be the first time Connecticut voters will have access to real-time election results.

In the past, local election officials were allowed to fax in their vote tallies to the Secretary of the State’s office, or they could email the results in a pdf document, many of which included handwritten tallies. The information wasn’t in an easily downloadable form and it made getting results difficult.

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  1. Stuart Wells

    This program has been in development for over four years. I have given the Secretary of the State’s staff a number of ideas on how election results data can be entered quickly and accurately. The data must be entered, i.e. typed in, because we are not allowed to gather the data electronically. On a typical election night this amounts to thousands of numbers which must be entered into the system, after we have already worked an intense 16 hour day.
    I would have a lot more confidence in this new system if a few more of my ideas had been used. As it stands, election results will get from the State to the public more quickly, but the speed of data transfer from the polling place to the Registrar’s office to the State has not been increased, and some cross-checks for accuracy have been sacrificed.
    We will continue to do these cross-checks for data accuracy, but this new system won’t let us do them until the next day, at which point we may have to amend the election night results.
    Also, we have had almost no training on this new system as it was just “rolled out” last week.
    Results from the Presidential Primary next week will come quickly because there are only a few candidates in each party, absentee ballots are not broken down by precinct, and there is no Election Day Registration. The Presidential election in November is very different, with over 15 times as many numbers to compile.
    Stuart Wells, Norwalk Registrar

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