Correcting the record, seeking District C support in primary for Council endorsement

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The District C Common Council primary election on September 14th will be the culmination of several months of meetings, fundraising, planning and door knocking as we, first-time candidates, have had the pleasure of getting out and meeting our neighbors.  We got into this race because we felt our fellow parents’ and neighbors’ voices were not being heard, even after reaching out to our district leadership.  Neither of us are politicians, nor do we aspire to be – we are running to be a voice for residents of District C.

In the early stages of our campaign when we first decided to run together, we agreed that we wanted to focus on our vision – providing the necessary resources for our schools to succeed; responsible development that respects the existing character of our neighborhoods; transparent, open communication with residents about Council decision making – rather than what we saw as concerns with current Council leadership.  With that being said, we felt that it was important to correct the record on certain points that the incumbent has made during the primary:

  • Council member Kydes’ palm card states “Whether it’s a conversation, email or social media, I will listen to everyone’s ideas and concerns.”

As constituents and former voters of his, we have not found this to be the case.  We have both emailed all members of the Council, as well as District C representatives directly, and have not once received a reply from the incumbent or his current Council partner.  In fact, what drove us both to consider running for Council in the first place was not getting a response from either of the current District C representatives regarding the decision to reduce the budget proposed by CFO Henry Dachowitz by $1 million during the most recent budget process.


  • Councilmember Kydes also states on his palm card that he “Saved Norwalk residents millions of dollars as the chairman of the Mayor’s Energy and Environment Task Force.”

Mr. Kydes was the chairman of this task force, however, the only meetings they had were back in 2014-2015 before it disbanded. https://www.norwalkct.org/Archive.aspx?AMID=217

We did not find any evidence that he saved residents millions of dollars in the little over a year this task force held meetings. There were only four meetings with minutes on the city’s website: https://www.norwalkct.org/Archive.aspx?AMID=218

To take this a step further, during the most recent discussions about the East Norwalk TOD, Mr. Kydes did not include or ask for any sustainability efforts, which is something we think is incredibly important to include. https://norwalkct.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/16654


  • Finally, Council member Kydes states that he “will continue to be the voice on the Common Council for parents with children in the Norwalk School System.”  Again, this has not been our experience as parents of public school students in District C.  Whether it was emailing the Council to ask for support for capital projects at our schools or inquiring as to what specifically from the budget should be removed as part of the Kydes Amendment, which was the $1 million reduction to the proposed cap during the last budget cycle, we have not received a response that would indicate our current District C representatives are voicing our concerns at the Council level.

He also claims on social media that “the Board of Education has received the highest budget increases in the state nearly every year John Kydes has been on the council.” Mr. Kydes reluctantly voted for the BOE increases. In fact, just this past budget cycle after public school teachers, staff, and students had one of the most challenging years imaginable, Mr. Kydes hit them when they were down and proposed the Kydes Amendment, reducing an already austere budget cap by another $1 million dollars following pleas from parents to increase funding for the Board of Education. https://www.thehour.com/news/article/Norwalk-Common-Council-votes-to-cut-proposed-15977265.php https://nancyonnorwalk.com/norwalk-council-sets-budget-cap/

While Mr. Kydes and those who supported his amendment will argue that the Board of Estimate and Taxation is ultimately the decision maker, the only discussion at that meeting around the Kydes Amendment was about education and the school budget. https://www.norwalkct.org/ArchiveCenter/ViewFile/Item/17014


We are both working parents, and understand that taxpayers, particularly those who are older and living on fixed incomes, cannot withstand endless tax increases.  However the $1 million reduction in the budget cap would not save District C residents much money and would take away much needed resources from our schools. Moving forward, the school district is going to face painful choices when the current American Rescue Plan funding that is being used to plug funding gaps runs out, and we would like to be a voice at the table for parents and taxpayers who share our concerns.


Mr. Kydes has served four terms on the Common Council and has undoubtedly devoted a significant amount of time to this volunteer position.  While we have supported him in the past, both of us feel that the time is right for a change in leadership in District C.  If fortunate enough to be elected, we will be direct and transparent in how we present your thoughts and concerns at the Council level, and will do our best to advocate for the issues that mean the most to your family and ours.  If you too are interested in seeing a change, we hope that you will vote for Fairbairn and McMurrer on September 14th.


Tyler Fairbairn and Jenn McMurrer


13 responses to “Correcting the record, seeking District C support in primary for Council endorsement”

  1. Joseph Oliveri

    I am a regular reader of Nancy that doesn’t comment but I felt it necessary to do so now. I’ve reached to John Kydes several times and he has gone out of his way to help me on every occasion. Good luck John.

  2. Stuart Wells

    Polls open at 6:00 a.m. and close at 8:00 p.m. on Primary Day, September 14, 2021. The polling places for District C are Marvin Elementary School and Nathan Hale Middle School. This is a Democratic primary and, per party rules, only democrats may vote. There is no Election Day Registration in a primary, but voters may switch their party enrollment from “Unaffiliated” to “Democratic” up to Noon on Monday September 13, 2021 and new voters may register and join the party up to that same time — But they must do so IN PERSON at the Registrars office, room 103, Norwalk City Hall, 125 East Avenue. It is too late to register, or change registration on line, or by mail for this primary.
    Stuart Wells, Democratic Registrar

  3. DrewT

    What you fail to mention is that your party has endorsed John. He is the candidate your members want and are behind. You all know he will be running for Mayor in 2 years so maybe it would best to just wait it out or run for the CC at large. But since the primary is happening it should be known that it’s costing the tax payers of Norwalk $35-$40K to have it. And that is a big waste of tax payers money.

  4. Kristen

    Very well articulated!! It’s clear we need a change and I for one would feel very comfortable if Tyler and Jenn were representing our voices! The schools in Norwalk deserve better!!

  5. David T McCarthy

    John is a nice guy, if not too bright, who instantly became a glad handing politician. I think both he and the city would be better off if his “career” in politics ended now. He has a beautiful family and a decent house painting business, I believe…good if he goes back to that.

  6. Bobby Lamb

    Joseph – you hit the nail on the head – you know him so he helps you. John does do “favors” for his friends. If he doesn’t know you or doesn’t see what’s in it for him he ignores you. He is notorious for not responding to constituents. He also puts his signs everywhere without even asking people. I think it’s past time for new blood in District C and Tyler and Jenn seem fantastic. I wish them luck on Tuesday.

  7. Kevin S.

    While I don’t live in District C, I hope the Democrats come out to support their endorsed candidates, John Kydes and Jennifer McAllister.

    While I commend Tyler Fairbairn and Jenn McMurrer for stepping up and getting involved they are creating an opportunity for Republicans or Independents to take seats from a Democrat.

    I also agree with DrewT is regards to the money this primary will cost. Spending money on a primary to go against your parties endorsed/incumbent candidate is a waste.

  8. Mike O’Reilly

    I’ve known John for many years. Any time I reach out to John I get a timely response.
    I just don’t believe you have continuously reached out to him and don’t get a response.

  9. Patrick Cooper

    @David McCarthy – that’s possibly a fair assessment from you: in spirit a deep red R. even from your perch in the Carolina’s.

    This race, well the candidates are not delusional; they can’t be this far down the line. My guess? Likely Barbara M-M encouraged them via her influence in NPFE, where novice Tyler could not – ever – never – utter a discouraging word about anything related to a 100% D-Party BOE, the city, nor a 14-1 D-Party Common Council. Locally, you don’t need to be an Ivy League grad to know you can’t run on the D-party line and criticize Harry’s team, in any way. This is unimaginable. There is party – and then there is power. Only one prevails.

    So, what would they bring? I say – the same. All the same. I ask, do you see any independent thought on the current 14-1 CC? So much as a peep? These two – they will just be two more Harry’s D’s. They won’t so much as open their mouths – for two years – like most of the last CC did. They don’t dare.

    This primary? This sadly is more about a person who believes he is invincible. The mayor. He’s determined to run this city forever. That explains why he has “cleansed” the ranks, removed any “free-thinkers”, and in this case, pushed Ds pitted again Ds – because it’s not about party – it’s about his power. The ring kissers will flood the op ed’s and blogs this fall with sycophantic testimonies to Mother Theresa Harry, which no amount of bleach will wash off their conscious. Do as your told. Like Bruce.

    Harry loved Kydes, until he said he was running for mayor. Um, not 2021 – but in 2023.

    Harry thinks he will own & control this city until he dies. So I ask – when will this city take control away from a tone deaf bully who defies every wish of the electorate in favor of special interests and Hartford?

    You have your first chance this fall.

  10. Helen Boyian

    I felt it necessary to comment in defense of John Kydes and for the record. John has consistently gone out of his way to answer all of my calls, concerns, inquiries and has consistently followed up whenever I needed help. He cares about this town – HIS hometown, where he chose to raise his family and send his children to Norwalk Public Schools. He has his Districts best interests at heart. I will be campaigning for John’s re-election and proud to support him. Good luck John and thank you for your service!

  11. Niz

    I live in district C, six yrs now, I used to be a democratic am not now. Not the other either. Norwalk residents & schools are not getting proper care. And it’s time to remove all incumbents.
    the home owners need to step up and SUPPORT better candidates taxes are going up up up more & more.

  12. David T McCarthy

    Patrick…Florida…fair enough point, but I don’t think my comment was so much partisan as a personal observation…after all, the others running are also Ds.

    I am recommenting, because I am seeing this here, too. People in a similar position, using their influence to do things for anyone who asks, in order to shore up support like that seen here. Interesting, and borderline criminal, in my mind.

  13. Bryan Meek

    So let me get this straight. Parents can’t go into their children’s school buildings with the city milking covid for every last drop, but we can have primaries during school for the general public.


    Could have had this at empty City Hall to save a few bucks and not disrupt two schools, but who cares about those pesky little things?

    Good luck to the 4 glasses of water.

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