Costco poised to expand Connecticut Avenue footprint

The former Doubletree Hotel’s backside, as seen in June from the Costco parking lot.

NORWALK, Conn. — Costco has purchased the property neighboring its Connecticut Avenue store, long home to the Double Tree Hotel, in an auction.

“They haven’t announced what their plans are for the site but we can safely assume that at least a portion of the property will be used for reconfiguring their parking/adding parking,” City Director of Business Development & Tourism Sabrina Godeski said. “Their site is large and the current structure will be coming down.”

The hotel was seized in a foreclosure, Hearst Media reports. The minimum bid for the April auction was $4 million.

City records show the hotel dates to 1970. The 3.21-acre property is appraised at nearly $12.5 million. Replacement cost for the building is nearly $18 million, though the land record mentions $10 million depreciation.

Town Clerk Rick McQuaid could not provide any information about the transaction Friday. “Maybe it has been bought but papers not filed yet,” he said.

Godeski said she couldn’t provide the price Costco paid for the property.

 Planning and Zoning Director Steven Kleppin said, “We have had preliminary conversations with {Costco} representatives.  Nothing has been submitted to date.”


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2 responses to “Costco poised to expand Connecticut Avenue footprint”

  1. David Muccigrosso

    Good! Defunct buildings should be repurposed, not sit there rotting for years and even decades like the old YMCA.

    It’s a stain on agencies like the RDA and our land-use policies that this sort of thing even happens.

  2. Robert M Mullins

    Possibly would’ve worked very well as senior citizen housing!

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