Council looking to raise park fees

NORWALK, Conn. – Fees are likely going up at Norwalk parks for non-residents and groups.

The Common Council on Tuesday will vote on the proposal, following the opportunity for public comment at the last Recreation, Parks and Cultural Affairs Committee meeting.

If approved, non-resident stickers will cost $5 to $10 more than last summer. The rate for groups of less than 250 people using the parks is slated to go up $225. The rate for groups of less than 500 people would go up $350. However, the discount for non-profits will go up from 10 percent to 25 percent.

“It’s a balancing act,” Majority Leader and Committee Chairman Jerry Petrini (R-District D) said.

Some committee members would like the fees to go up more, but that would disqualify the city from federal grants, he said. There’s also a possibility of dissuading people from using the parks.

“It’s like any business,” he said. “You start slowly and see. If it’s a diminishing return we might have made a mistake.”


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  1. Oldtimer

    “It’s like any business,” ? No, it isn’t, it is a public service, supported by taxes. That point of view, that the parks are a business where the fees should meet the expenses is not consistent with the concept of public parks. It is more consistent with the idea that only wealthy people should enjoy the parks and the poor should be excluded.

  2. Oldtimer

    There was a time, when many streets that seemed to end at water’s edge, were, in fact, meant to be available as places for people to launch small boats without any fees. Sadly, these launching places have not been maintained by the city and many have been quietly taken over by nearby property owners as extensions of their own property.

  3. EastNorwalkChick

    I’m for this, for the past few years the beach on the weekends had more non-resident than resident people. It was so crowded that it wasn’t enjoyable, so I stopped goin. For the past couple of years they have used Taylor Farm Park as a parking lot for non-residents in order to capture the revenue. Well that didn’t work out so well, half the time there was no one there to collect the fee, so these people got in free. I’m at Taylor Farm just about every day with my dog and one day last summer I counted 80 cars, not an beach employee to be found….by doing this every weekend with this number of cars, they have destroyed the grounds, killed what little grass there was and now when it rains it becomes a mud field. So I am all for this, maybe now we can get our beach and parks back.

  4. EveT

    True about the overuse of Taylor Farm Park for non-resident parking and the spotty presence of employees supposed to collect those fees. One also has to wonder how carefully that cash was accounted for. Raising fees may address the first problem (overuse) but not necessarily the second (parking for free because no employee happens to be there) or the third (uncertain accounting of cash intake).

  5. Norwalk love

    well with these prices going up let’s say good bye SONO now!!! Where Watts to fight against this.

  6. anonymous

    Raise the fees to equal what our neighboring Towns are doing. The beaches are paid for by Norwalk taxpayers, repaired and maintained by them and should be enjoyable for them.

  7. I agree 100% – raise entrance fees to the beaches to at least $50 weekday and $75 weekend and have the useless police officers who usually sit in their cars for ‘dirt work” and watch the world go round ticket the invaders at Taylor’s farm or Rex marina or Marvin school.

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