Courthouse that is not a courthouse

This sign on the door of the Norwalk courthouse has been there since at least January 2021. “The Judicial Branch is not closing the Norwalk Courthouse,” Chief Court Administrator Patrick L. Carroll III said last month. “Operations in the Stamford/Norwalk Judicial District will continue to be conducted as they have been for the past 2½ years.”
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I know I have no dog in the fight over the closing of the Norwalk Courthouse, as I do not live in Norwalk any longer.  But as a Connecticut Taxpayer and former elected official, I have never seen a more bureaucratic release than the one issued by Chief Court Administrator Patrick L. Carroll III. The Courthouse is not closing but no cases will be heard there. Then the clarifications, he really did not order the Courthouse closed, etc. etc.  The reason for the move is to solve the decencies of the operations in the Stamford Court House.  Well. If things are not right in Stamford, then he must assume the responsibility for its failures, as he is the person in charge.

The probation offices will move into the Norwalk building.  I wonder how much notice they had.  So, his logic is if I have a State Agency in the building, then the Court house is not closed.  Would not the proper terminology moving forward, would be to eliminate the title of Norwalk Courthouse, and call it what it now is.  A state building.

Just venting, but it makes no sense.


Former Norwalk Mayor Richard Moccia


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