COVID 19: School employee tests positive at Kendall

A chart from Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling’s Sunday COVID-19 update.

NORWALK, Conn. — A group of Kendall Elementary School employees are self-quarantining after a colleague tested positive for COVID-19.

This means that several Kendall classrooms will have teachers working remotely when school reopens, while a substitute is physically in the classroom, a Norwalk Public Schools press release said.

The press release said:

“Norwalk Public Schools was notified this weekend that a member of the Kendall school community who was in the building last week has tested positive for COVID-19. As a result, in keeping with our health protocols, Kendall employees who may have been in contact with this person while in the building have been notified individually. Those employees have been asked to self-quarantine for 14 days and to reach out to their health care provider about getting tested. Because our schools are thoroughly cleaned and sanitized every night, the building will remain open for all other employees.

“As the quarantine period overlaps with the start of the school year, several Kendall classrooms will have teachers who will work remotely from home for the first few days of school. Substitutes will be in any classroom where teachers are not physically present.

“While Connecticut has been a model for other states in mitigating the spread of COVID-19, we know that the threat from COVID-19 will not go away easily. Norwalk Public Schools has a thoughtful and thorough plan in place to support our return to in-person instruction, but any plan for 2020-21 will require ongoing patience and flexibility. We will continue to carefully move forward to provide a safe and effective return to school, while keeping the health and safety of our students and staff in mind.”


Mayor Harry Rilling’s Sunday coronavirus update reports five new positive cases, bringing the total to 2,173, which is 48 more than was reported on Aug. 1. There were no new deaths reported; there’s been one death since Aug. 1, a person in their 50s.

A chart from Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling’s Sunday COVID-19 update.
A chart from Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling’s Sunday COVID-19 update.


12 responses to “COVID 19: School employee tests positive at Kendall”

  1. NorwalkDown

    How long before schools are fully online again? I’m guessing 2 weeks

  2. Norwalk Dude

    …and so it starts. (And schools haven’t even started yet)

  3. john flynn

    it would be interesting to find out how many Covid deaths occuured in the 140 as opposed to the other Norwlak distrctice. Are all the deaths from covid in the distrcit with Stone crushing during a pandemic?

  4. Norwalk Parent

    Open. The. Schools. And. Keep. Them. Open.

  5. Joe

    Attention should be paid to the latest CDC report on covid19 Comorbidity Table #3.


    The CDC report contradicts Mayor Rilling’s recent tv announcement that 137 Norwalkers have died of the china virus.

    The latest CDC report contradicts that.

    ” For 6% of the deaths, COVID-19 was the only cause mentioned. For deaths with conditions or causes in addition to COVID-19, on average, there were 2.6 additional conditions or causes per death”

    6% of the deaths means that actually 9,000 people NATIONWIDE have died of the virus since February.

    So that makes the mayor’s Norwalk 137 death count inaccurate.

    CDC now says most people have 2.6 additional diseases and most of casualties were old and in nursing homes.

    I don’t feel good bringing this up but I’m tired of women and children being scared all the time. I’m tired of it.

  6. Fran Di Meglio

    I don’t have any kids in the school system. Corporations are having employees work from home. Meetings are taking place virtually. Appointments have to be made to do anything. Masks are mandatory. There are plenty of examples from across the U.S. of schools having opened and then had to close. There is no cure and no vaccine. Having gone through it, I’m lucky to be alive. Why risk the health of kids, teachers and all involved? Long distance learning.

  7. Kurt S

    Norwalk Parent: I bet. You say that. While sitting. At home. Nice and safe. And. Just want. to pawn. Your kids. Onto others.

  8. Curious…

    …if Norwalk Parent would sign up for a job that required daily exposure in a confined space to several hundred people.

    And if so, how would Norwalk Parent take it if someone suggested he/she be required to go to that job even during an outbreak?

  9. CT-Patriot

    Those of you still whining about the effort to keep schools closed or “exposure” let me just say I’ve been out working since it started. Am I infected? No.

    Please read “Joe” post/comment above.


    There are hard facts and data.

    Time you realize that acting hysterically and ignoring facts is not helping the situation.

    Need more? Look into Sweden or Japan and their effort keeping schools open.

  10. StunnedReader

    CT Patriot- I applaud you for working through all of this. If teachers were the last ones not back “in the office”, you would have a great point. But MOST people are still working from home, especially any type of office job. Aside from the medical profession, teachers are up there with the best of them in terms of high exposure/risk. Would you sit in a classroom full of students? Think of yourself in high school or earlier– whhichever you completed.

  11. CT-Patriot

    Gee, didn’t know on this forum one must disclose their levels of education.

    You may protest and thumb you nose at entering a school to due your duty that us, taxpayers pay you to do even though some of us do not have children in school as time has past however, it does not excuse you from performing what you have been hired to do.

    Here’s a simple solution…fine, give up teaching, resign, do us all a favor please. I like teachers from years ago who had spirit, devotion and did not tolerate what goes on in classrooms today.

    The data the CDC released now clears the air of misconceptions by Fauci and Brix on just how devastating it [was]

    Other countries are holding school. Why is it only the United States where education is so lacking?

    I’ll bet you still see the same people at your grocery store every day. Same goes for department stores. When you fill your car with gas…who’s there to manage the station?

    Go to Dunkin Doughnuts? Starbucks? Same people are there.

    Christ, I go to work every day and I’m exposed to every age from infants to the elderly. Still not sick with Covid.

    Time for teachers to stop with the whining and get to work. If you all choose not to, then we demand a refund in the taxes this city imposed on us.

    Hey, you may even get a child to learn a few things..emphasis on may…

    Oh yeah…btw, guess there’s no need for a new high school now. Seeing no one wants to work, so Connecticut taxpayers will save in the long run.

  12. NorwalkRaised

    True, there are people in the retail sector working, and you stated that you are working. I believe what the other commentor stated was that almost every other type of career profession is working from home, and that teaching is a high risk environment, unlike most jobs. I would guess that most teachers would prefer to continue to teach from home from now, like mostly everyone else is doing. They have every right to that. I don’t believe they’re asking to just go home and not educate the children of Norwalk. Before you say that they will treat the home environment like a vacation, some might! Our town roads are absolutely packed every day during working hours. Use that as a barometer to measure that MOST people that are still working from home, and are not working nearly as diligently as they would if they were in the office.

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