COVID-19: Three cases in schools; ‘watching closely’

A chart from Mayor Harry Rilling’s Monday COVID-19 update.

This scanning electron microscope image shows SARS-CoV-2 (orange)—also known as 2019-nCoV, the virus that causes COVID-19—isolated from a patient in the U.S., emerging from the surface of cells (green) cultured in the lab. (Courtesy of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases {NIAID}.)

NORWALK, Conn. — There’s a confirmed case of COVID-19 at Brien McMahon High School, which will require people to quarantine. Two other schools have positive cases but those aren’t resulting in people self-isolating.

Mayor Harry Rilling’s evening update reported two deaths from COVID-19, “one recent and one from the spring which was recently added to state’s surveillance system.” There were 11 new positive cases reported, bringing the total positive reported cases to 2,291.



Norwalk Public Schools reported four positive cases on Sept. 18. On Sept. 25, NPS reported a Columbus Magnet School “community member” had tested positive. This resulted in one classroom converting to virtual learning.

Late Monday, NPS Communications Director Brenda Wilcox Williams wrote:

“Last night, we were notified that a Nathan Hale community member tested positive.   That individual has not been in school since September 24.  Earlier today, we learned that someone from West Rocks community was positive. That person hasn’t been in school since September 29.  Because of the length of time that has passed since both of these people have been in their respective buildings, there was no quarantine of others required, but both of those people will remain out.

“Late this afternoon, we learned of a confirmed cast at Brien McMahon. Exposure tracing protocols were put into place, and anyone identified through that process will be asked to isolate, in addition to the individual.”



The last new death was reported Sept. 10. That victim was more than 80 years old, the update indicated.

The deaths reported Monday were of a people who were between 60 and 79 years old, the update indicated.

A 2-week history of reported cases:

  • Tuesday, Sept. 22: No new cases
  • Wednesday, Sept. 23: Five new cases
  • Thursday, Sept. 24: three new cases
  • Friday, Sept. 25: Four new cases
  • Saturday, Sept. 26: Four new cases
  • Sunday, Sept. 27: Three new cases
  • Monday: Sept. 28: No new cases
  • Tuesday, Sept. 29: Three new cases
  • Wednesday, Sept. 30: Two new cases
  • Thursday, Oct. 1: Five new cases
  • Friday, Oct. 2: Eight new cases
  • Saturday, Oct. 3: Two new cases
  • Sunday, Oct. 4: 12 new cases “Nine of the cases are recent, while three cases are from the previous week and reflect ongoing data analysis”
  • Monday, Oct. 5: 11 new cases


“I am sad to report the deaths of two more of our residents as a result of COVID-19,” Rilling is quoted as saying. “My heart goes out to their families and loved ones. This virus is very much still here and we must remain vigilant in our fight against coronavirus. Let us not lose sight of how deadly this virus is. We are watching our case numbers closely and are performing contact tracing to identify any trends or behaviors that may have led to these increases.”

“The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention updated its website today stating COVID-19 can sometimes be spread by airborne transmission,” Monday’s update said. “The updated guidance states ‘some infections can be spread by exposure to virus in small droplets and particles that can linger in the air for minutes to hours’ and ‘people with COVID-19 seem to have infected others who were more than 6 feet away.’ The full guidance can be found at cdc.gov.”

Free COVID-19 community testing is available from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday – Friday at the Day Street Community Health Center, located at 49 Day St., the update said. No appointment or referral is needed. Those without symptoms can also be tested. More information is available at chc1.com.

The State of Connecticut plans to move into Phase 3 reopening this Thursday, the update said. “Business changes in Phase 3 include increasing indoor capacity for restaurants, personal services, and hair salons from 50% to 75% and increasing outdoor event capacity from 25% to 50%. Businesses that have questions can reach out to Director of Business Development Sabrina Church at [email protected] for additional guidance and support.”

“While the CDC states it is much more common for COVID-19 to spread via close contact, the updated guidance about airborne transmission simply reinforces the importance of always wearing face coverings in public,” Rilling is quoted as saying. “I urge residents to continue following the latest health guidelines to keep themselves and loved ones healthy.”

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