COVID safety tools: More good news to help save your life

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As Omicron spreads throughout our county and state, credible information about the use and type of masks exists that you need to know in order to make informed choices and help flatten the curve. Science has proven a tighter mask with reduced air leaks will reduce your chances of either inhaling or exhaling the COVID-19 virus.

When our government officials instruct us to go out and use “masks” they need include additional information in creative ways to help the lay public understand that there are different kinds of masks.  Please ditch the one/two-layer cloth masks or any mask without a nose wire to help hold onto your face tighter.  Do not use masks with exhalation valves for indoor COVID protection.

While the CDC Website now has additional information about the important details, it often takes three or four “clicks” to finally find it.  The public needs access to information quickly and conveniently.

I offer the following YouTube links by Aaron Collins, a professional aerosol scientist that has tested a myriad of masks brands and types.  In a former life, I used to arrange for my staff to obtain safety masks that fit them properly.  The details do count.  Aaron is providing a terrific public service.

Kid’s masks:


Kid’s mask fit test:


Something for the adults:


Diane Lauricella


Piberman January 15, 2022 at 12:04 pm

Given the importance of masks in mitigating the Covid Pandemic its strange that our governments at all levels have been hesitant to distribute them freely to everyone.
Surely a government that ramped up production of many thousands of complex ventilators could have distributed masks early in the Pandemic.

Similarly the reluctance to mail Covid test kits throughout the nation. Amazon could do it overnight !

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