Crevecoeur, Perella come together for solo District A BoE debate


NORWALK, Conn. – District A Board of Education candidates Joseph Perella, an unaffiliated voter running on the Republican line, and Dr. Yvel Crevecouer, a Democrat, came together Sunday morning in a debate format to give voters a chance to contrast and compare the candidates.

Election 2015The debate, run by NancyOnNorwalk, was made necessary when the League of Women Voters could not schedule its BoE debate night on any night other than when Crevecoeur was unavailable. Perella is scheduled to take part in the LWV BoE debate panned for Thursday, Oct. 22, at Brien McMahon High School.

  • NoN felt voters deserved a chance to see the candidates together for multiple reasons:
  • The candidates are largely unfamiliar to District A voters, and Norwalk voters as a while
  • The candidates are vying to fill an open seat.
  • The Board of Education seats carry 4-year terms, and the members vote on the largest segment of the Norwalk budget.
  • The BoE’s actions have an impact on not only Norwalk’s schools, but the city’s future and the futures of thousands of Norwalk children.

There was little advance publicity about the event, as it was not a sure thing until Friday. A venue was a problem, and the debate was ultimately held at the home of NoN reporter and videographer Harold Cobin and his wife. Invitations were extended to a limited number of people due to space limitations. Democratic Town Committee Chairman Ed Camacho and his wife Dede Farnsworth, Republican Town Committee Chairman Peter Torrano, District D Council candidate Robert Hard and wife Jeanne were in attendance. Farnsworth and Jeanne Hard are NoN board members, but board members do not participate in or influence editorial policy.

The debate video runs 35 minutes. We hope you find it helpful and informative.

District A BoE debate 15-1011 Norwalk 026

District A Board of Education candidates Dr. Yvel Crevecouer, a Democrat, left, and Joseph Perella, an unaffiliated voter running on the Republican line, meet for a debate Sunday morning at Harold Cobin’s house.


Norwalk Parent October 12, 2015 at 6:08 pm

Seems like a positive debate with two good candidates. However I picked up a couple of things watching it. Yvel is is book smart however can he get anything done. Big difference between read and writing about education and making it happen. I doubt this because he does not have a kid in the school system. That is like hiring a coach for a sport he has never played. Also I know there were lots of challenges getting Yvel to commit to a time because it was to busy. If you are to busy for an election debate what else will he be to busy for.

I will vote for Joe. He has two daughters in the system, is born and raised in Norwalk Schools and wants his kids to have a better future. Joe is going to be boots on the ground getting it done on behalf of the parents.

Two great choices, an academic vs. parent. I vote parent all day.

Barbara Meyer-Mitchell October 12, 2015 at 8:44 pm

I would like to address the comment above. Yvel was not asked for his availability, and the LWV scheduled their debate on a date they had fore knowledge he would not be available. Secondly, while of course having a child in the system gives you strong motivation to do your best, having knowledge of best practices and the ability to bring resources to the table is a very compelling case to represent our community on the Board of education. I think both men are excellent candidates and will do their best for Norwalk, but I think Yvel brings a skill set that our BOE sorely needs. We would be lucky to have him.

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