Crosland takes to the tube in bid to unseat DePanfilis for probate judge

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

NORWALK, Conn. – The contest for Judge of Probate hasn’t attracted as much attention as many of the other races on the Nov. 4 ballot, but it does pit a long-entrenched incumbent in Republican Anthony J. DePanfilis against a familiar name, minority community leader Darnell Crosland, a Democrat.

Crosland, a criminal attorney who also is president of the Norwalk chapter of the NAACP, has released a YouTube video ad promoting his candidacy. The video opens with Crosland stating that the Judge of Probate office “is a place you come to serve, not retire,” interacting with citizens and making his pitch for votes.

The 30-second spot will be shown on Cable News 12, Crosland said Monday.

DePanfilis, a lifelong Norwalker, has served as probate judge since 1997. He earned his Bachelor of Arts from Fairfield University in 1971 and his law degree from Georgetown University in 1974. He also is the founder and senior partner of DePanfilis & Vallerie, a Norwalk-based law firm.

He is admitted to practice in both Connecticut and New York, as well as the Federal District Court and the U.S. Supreme Court, according to his website.

Hear DePanfilis interviewed on radio here.

Crosland’s challenge is the first the Democrats have mounted against DePanfilis in several years, a fact addressed by Democratic Town Committee Chairman Ed Camacho, himself an attorney.

“I have nothing but respect for how Judge DePanfilis handles his position and job as a judge,” Camacho said. “But the Democratic Committee has not had a nominee in years. Attorney Crosland expressed an interest and the party has endorsed his candidacy. … I think he can do a good job as well.”

Norwalk Judge of Probate Anthony DePanfilis is hoping to extend his 17-year tenure in office.
Norwalk Judge of Probate Anthony DePanfilis is hoping to extend his 17-year tenure in office.


7 responses to “Crosland takes to the tube in bid to unseat DePanfilis for probate judge”

  1. Milton

    Honestly I did not even know who the Probate Judge was until I started reading all of the letters in support of Mr. DePanfilis. I think it is a little unfair of Mr. Crosland to make comments about the Probate position being a place to serve and not retire. Is that a commnet on Mr. DePanfilis’s age? I think his age should be irrelevant. Has he done a good job and will he continue to do a good job? From what I read, the answer to the first part is a resounding YES. There is nothing to suggest that will change in the next few years.

    If the best reason Mr. Crosland can come up with for voting DePanfilis out is a discriminatory remark on his age, and if the best endorsement for Mr. Crosland from the Democratic leader in Norwalk is “I think he can do a good job as well” I think DePanfilis should be re-elected.

    DePanfilis has my vote.

  2. Janice

    Very well said Milton, you are absolutely correct. Furthermore, if anyone has any questions about the credentials for the candidates I will help you with the websites for both of them so you can be sure to do your own research: http://depanfilisforprobate.com and http://www.votejudgecrosland2014.com


    I’m a supporter of most Democrats here in the City.

    I believe in their vision and back them 100 percent.

    Mr. DePanfilis is the exception. He happens to be a Republican, but at his level, what does affiliation have to do with the position of Judge of Probate?

    As a judge, Mr. DePanfilis places aside his political views and executes judgments based on facts and the best interest of the public.

    Darnell’s poor attempt at discrediting Mr. Depanfilis is embarrassing.

    I’m sure Darnell is a nice guy, but he doesn’t stand a chance winning this position.

    I’m all the way, with DePanfilis.

  4. piberman

    The strong outpouring of support for Judge DePanfilis across Norwalk for superb public service speaks for itself. Does Attorney Crosland believe he can do as well ? On what basis ? Being President of NAACP ? There was a time in Norwalk when Party leaders refrained from placing candidates for office where the experience and qualifications didn’t fit. Times are a changing.

  5. Steve Colarossi

    Judge DePanfilis has earned re-election through the compassion and skill he brings to the Probate bench. For anyone who has ever appeared before him for an adoption matter (as my family did), his kindness is appreciated long after the hearing ends.

  6. PKN

    I’m voting for most of the Democratic ticket, but I will only put up one sign on my lawn. That sign is for Anthony DePanfilis and him only. I trust and respect him.

  7. michael foley

    Tony DePanfilis has mine & My families full support !!!!

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