CT News Junky Opinion: Anatomy of a scandal

raining-money-at-statecapitol-play-button (CTNewsJunkie editor Doug Hardy has authored an opinion piece and compiled a detailed timeline that chronicles the recent scandal in Hartford. Use your mouse to scroll down instead of using the scroll bar to the right. Or go see the story on CTNewsJunkie.)  


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  1. 0ldtimer

    None of this will help Larry Cafero get re-elected. He will be lucky to avoid prosecution. Too bad, on balance, he has done a pretty good job over the years in public service, but nobody will remember any of the good stuff, if he is prosecuted.

  2. David McCarthy

    This is a massive smear campaign that isn’t worth the ink its not printed with. Donovan (a D) is caught in a massive scandal, this causes the FBI to mount a sting operation (reasonable) in which they snare several other D’s at the state level, I believe. They try to get Larry (in my mind so they are targeting just D’s…fair enough).

    What words do you hear coming out of Larry’s mouth in the video?

    NO NO NO NO.

    Now, he doesn’t throw the guy out bodily and he doesn’t call the police, fair point. In a business where donations are made every day, may he have believed that the guy may have wanted to make a legitimate donation? He said as much…”You have to fill out the form” meaning he was being polite and informing the guy that he only accepts legal donations.

    That a few idiots are trying to get pressure off the people who took the illegal donations flat out by pointing at Larry is ridiculous

  3. 0ldtimer

    If nothing else, you are predictable. When you get around to listening to all the tapes, you will see that Larry allowed himself to be put in a precarious position. Granted, the guy that did that deserves to go to prison, but that is hardly a defense. Larry was very careful about technicalities, but did eventually accept $5,000 in checks from Soucy using the names of straw men, including Soucy’s mother. If charged, there are defense arguments he could make, but they are not sure things. It is more likely he would make some kind of a plea deal and try to stay out of prison. It is possible a decision may be made not to prosecute Larry. We can only hope.

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