CT State Council of Machinists endorses Perone for state rep in 137th

Chris Perone
Five-term incumbent state Rep. Chris Perone (D-137) is facing a primary challenge from Common Councilman David Watts (D-District A).

NORWALK, Conn. – The Connecticut State Council of Machinists has unanimously endorsed State Rep. Chris Perone’s re-election campaign for the 137th House District.

Perone, a five-term incumbent, is facing a challenge from Common Councilman David Watts (D-District A), who edged Perone for the Democratic endorsement at the district’s May caucus. Perone collected signatures to get on the ballot for the Aug. 12 primary. The winner of that race is currently scheduled to go against former longtime Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba in November in the heavily Democratic District.

The CT State Council of Machinists represents the International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, which includes more than 10,000 active and retired Connecticut workers.

“We look forward to you continuing your hard work on behalf of working people,” said CT State Council of Machinists President John Harrity.

“That the CT State Council of Machinists trusts my record of fighting for working families is a true honor,” Perone said. “Connecticut’s workers need the state Legislature to defend their rights to livable wages and affordable health care. My campaign is about protecting these rights and continuing to bring real results for Norwalk. If re-elected I will continue to be a champion of working families.”


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  1. spanner


    Granted I dont care for his politics but to listen to experts from places like Stamford this whole idea of a container ship outlet won’t do much for the State right now.The rail in Ct has a better chance of kick starting any business because of the logistics.The rail is already here but because its not on the radar as a priority all these years the pipe dreams continue as elections near.

    Bob Duff was commenting on the RR Bridge and how Devine would have to use as many as four trucks to haul materials in place of a barge.Did Chris or Bob know how many trucks can be replaced with rail cars that have to go thru Devines property anyways that could deliver there?

    We are simply not seeing inovative thinking at the State level that is needed to help us all out.

    With the right infrastructure improvements to Connecticut’s ports, the $5-billion state maritime industry could see a 50 percent increase in business by 2020, according to the Connecticut Maritime Coalition; but without a state port authority, those improvements will be hard to come by.

    Read Perones website it forgets to point out state’s first issue is that the shipping channels are too shallow. The Bridgeport port hasn’t been dredged since 1964. New Haven was dredged in 2004, but the city port authority is calling for another dredging, this time to 42 feet to accommodate larger ships than its current 35-foot depth allows. The New London shipping channel is maintained by the U.S. Department of Defense because of the submarine base in Groton, but the local port authority (New Haven)was reactivated only recently and operates only as a planning agency.

    Today, no Connecticut port is deep enough with adequate facilities to handle a container ship, nor is any set up to handle the larger volumes.So the rail does look better for now doesn’t it?

    Just read Perones website,at best it has very little to do with Norwalk and its needs.

    Chris is a great politician I’m not endorsing Dave just pointing out a subject Chris has not excelled in, rail service and additions to the highway system needed to attract business along with a deep water port.

    Connecticut State Council of Machinists a nice title how many of those live in Norwalk?

  2. John Hamlin

    Instead of sensibly funding our ports, our railroads, and our roads, our politicians in Hartford are wasting $600 million on a bus lane from New Britain to Hartford that no one will use — worthless!!

  3. spanner

    @John,the bus lane simply shows we are not ready in the State house to work with people like Devine and protect a business that for years given to Norwalk.Why would our reps be so smug and stroke us like this when the obvious has been reported.

    Now someone has suggested a new tax on gas and as you will read our gas costs more because of our laspe in priorities.

    Ct cant accommodate container ships, the three Connecticut ports rely on processing raw materials on and off tankers. Close to 80 percent of handled cargo is petroleum, and materials such as lumber, sand, salts, scrap metal, cement, fabricated metals and food and farm products make up the other 20 percent.

    Because the Connecticut ports are too shallow, large tanker ships delivering petroleum to the state can’t dock at the ports, leaving them to transfer the liquid to smaller ships or unload part of their cargo before venturing into the shallower waters. Both result in increases to the cost of heating oil and gasoline.Jet fuel at one time was piped to Mass to the large air base near Springfield from Ct now that seems to be fallen by the wayside.

    If tankers have to start avoiding Connecticut ports altogether, gasoline and heating oil will have to be brought into the state by truck, putting up to 1 million more trucks on I-95 annually, according to the Connecticut Maritime Coalition.

    This isn’t what we want,so everytime we hear something positive there is a dark side just like our politicians at election time.

    Where has our State reps been?They talk a great game until the facts are simply put into perspective.

    Working towards helping those in Norwalk would seem the way to go supporting such things as new ports could only help businesses like Devine by starting with the rails and highways not grandstanding for something years away without telling us all the facts.Its time Norwalk cancels all princess passes in the State House.

  4. EveT

    Is Spanner running for State Rep or State Senator? Maybe it would be a good idea.

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