Curious George named President

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While the country awaits the results of the presidential election, here are the winners of the Books Get Our Vote election held at the SoNo Branch Library:

President Curious George

Curious George series

Vice President Nancy Drew

Nancy Drew series

Representative Daniel Tiger

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood series

Senator Pete the Cat

Pete the Cat series

Governor  Dog Man

Dog Man Comics series
Sherelle Harris
Interim Norwalk Public Library Director

One comment

James Cahn November 10, 2020 at 8:52 am

Curious George will make a fine president and I’m proud to have voted for him. He is uniquely qualified and uniquely unlike either of the pop-culture social media ideologues that ran against him. He knows the struggle of being an immigrant. He understands the value of hard work and rejects the statist idea of “politics as vocation.” As the first monkey in space, he shows what we can do when we set our sights on a higher, more difficult goal. As an avid reader (another quality which was notably absent in our other choices) Curious George knows the importance of the great ideas and demonstrates a commitment to continued general learning. Although he maybe, from time to time, at odds with the Aristotelian virtue of temperance, it is in this way that we may see him as relatable in his flaws and the idea that “all noble things are as difficult as they are rare.”

Wait…this just in… Someone tells me that this was a notional thing mainly for kids and we actually DID end up with one of the other two clown-shows? And also that everyone is allowed to continue to use half-witted, two sentence social media posts to support or oppose whomever they are hysterical about? Is this true?

Color me disappointed. Still.

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