Data shows minorities are stopped at higher rates

HARTFORD, Conn. – Statewide data of 366,060 traffic stops shows that if you are black or Hispanic driver in Connecticut you are twice as likely to get stopped by police and more than twice as likely to have your vehicle searched.

The data compiled by researchers at Central Connecticut State University was mandated by a state law that requires traffic stop data to be collected and analyzed.

According to the eight months of data provided in a 500-page report, the driving population of blacks in Connecticut is about 8 percent, but they are stopped at a rate of about 14 percent.  The Hispanic driving population is about 10 percent and the amount of stops experienced by the population was about 11.84 percent.

Connecticut’s driving population is 84 percent white, 8 percent black, and 10 percent Hispanic.

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8 responses to “Data shows minorities are stopped at higher rates”

  1. Seth

    Regardless that it doesn’t justify such disparity but it’s too bad that the poll couldn’t account for the police officers race & gender as well.

  2. Bill

    Is it possible these people are twice as likely to be speeding?

  3. Oldtimer

    I wonder how accurate the statistics are on the numbers of minority drivers. There are plenty of unlicensed minority drivers and, if the numbers are based on licenses, they are not accurate on the numbers of drivers. If there are twice as many minority drivers as there are licenses, the study is worthless. Unlicensed drivers tend to attract a lot more law enforcement attention because of the way they drive. Anybody ever having driven in places like Puerto Rico knows drivers there have a very different attitude toward regulations and think running red lights at speed demonstrates masculinity. I have seen drivers there pass (on the shoulder) a dozen cars stopped for a red light and run through the light at highway speed.

  4. Piberman

    If criminal behavior was uniform among all our citizens we might be concerned. So its unclear what conclusion to draw. That police are doing their job ?

  5. Kathleen Montgomery

    There really should be accountability to whomever allowed the numbers from a study to be published before an analysis occurred(article said analysis would be available in January). What is the hypothesis? Because of the New Haven court decision that racial profiling has been used by police, one might assume it is related to racial profiling. BUT, it is irresponsible to simply give out numbers and percentages until the study is complete. Reading this, people will just be convinced that racial profiling is indeed occurring. I’m not referring to the author who obviously got this from somebody. That “somebody” should know better.

  6. Jim

    Well considering most of our police force are minorities seems to be a race on race crime. Why they hating?

  7. srb1228

    Some cognitive dissonance going on here. The study is no surprise stops for DWB have been true for ages . I remember when Giuliani did the same kind of rationalizing 20 years ago only to find out his own African American deputy was being stopped as well. Anybody and everybody on law enforcement knows minorities are stopped on pretexts all the time. When thou protests and rationalizes thou loses all credibility

  8. Scott

    Were they stopped just because they were minorities? Or were they stopped for legitimate violations. Race may be simply a statistic of the stops and not the reason. Yes I am caucasian but I was profiled twice when I was younger. Once for the type and condition of car I drove (well worn ’78 Corollary but mechanically sound) and once for having out of state plates.

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