Dathan helps Norwalk preserve its precious waters

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Thank you for your recent coverage of Save the Sound’s Annual Report Card about Long Island Sound water quality, an important document that reflects the past year’s water testing results.

To meet these and many other environmental challenges, I believe that we need to re-elect State Representative Lucy Dathan to continue her strong record of proven action that finds real solutions to the threats to our waterways, Long Island Sound and our environment. In the case of Long Island Sound, waters that drain into the Sound from various rivers and streams affect the overall Health and Safety of the Sound, and leadership from legislators like Lucy has mattered. In her role on the important General Assembly Appropriations Committee, Southwestern Connecticut has a better chance of getting its fair share of clean water funds. Our multi-million-dollar shellfish industry depends upon support and understanding from Hartford.

While not a full reporting of all known pollutants that could be found in our harbors, the Report Card grades vary from year to year and within the various inlets and bays, the overall grade should be “needs improvement and constant vigilance.” Norwalk’s Upper Harbor still has challenges ahead, despite several important improvements in terms of wastewater treatment plant upgrades as well as vigilance on the part of environmentalists including the Norwalk Watershed Association, the Pollinator Pathway program, Garden Clubs, Harborwatch, and many others that Lucy has spoken to over the past two years.

Lucy believes that global climate change is the greatest existential threat to our future and remedial action starts right here at home. Green space, tree canopy, safe drinking water, parks, and beaches should be fundamental parts of life in Connecticut.

Lucy’s strong support of conservation and environmental preservation efforts in our community has earned her the endorsement of the pre-eminent environmental groups: The Sierra Club of Connecticut and the Connecticut League of Conservation Voters.

As our state representative in Hartford, she has supported bills that revamp and expand recycling and ban potentially harmful chemicals that could contaminate our waters. Lucy also endorses common sense ways to reduce our carbon footprint through improvements in public transportation, greater investment in electric vehicle technologies, and smarter, stricter building codes so we can move to better, green and sustainable architecture.

We can support our environment AND support industry here in Connecticut. When re-elected, Lucy will continue her work on the front lines to help protect our planet – and community – for generations to come.

Please join me in supporting Lucy Dathan for re-election as your State Representative, 142nd District in Norwalk and New Canaan.


Diane Lauricella

Former and Founding President

Norwalk River Watershed Association



john j flynn October 17, 2020 at 12:39 am

Permits were issued to King Industries, Ridgefield, the Hospital to dump in the river near the Deering Wellfield and the Oysters above the walk bridge have PCBs. There are heavy metals buried in the river, Veterans Park and Oyster Shell park leach. Meadow and Woodward crush silica in a flood zone, Ryan Park, Washington Village , the Police Department lot, NEON, and many other sites have polluted the entire 140. Manresa is a coal ash dump. Coal ash is radioactive and the dredging dumped off Norwlak is also contaminated. The Norwalk Environmental officer should be immediately fired for her gross negligence. Norwalk received a “F” in that study and is being sued for 80 million by Save the Sound. Lucy said “could” cause a threat? Telling people there is no problem when steps are being taken to cover up the enormous problem is not acceptable.

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