Dathan protects water supplies, ecosystem

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What do the newly appointed U.S. Supreme Court Justice, Ketanji Brown Jackson and State Representative Lucy Dathan have in common? A passion for clean water!

In her first case of the court’s new term (a challenge to the authority of the Environmental Protection Agency to keep all wetlands clean), Judge Jackson made clear that protecting and maintaining the viability of our national waterways is of vital importance to the health, safety and wellbeing of every inhabitant of the United States.

State Representative (142nd District) Lucy Dathan has legislated at the State level to maintain and expand those same protections for clean water in the State of Connecticut.
We all need clean water to live and so do the plants, fish and meat we eat. If they are raised with contaminated water, that pollution ends up in our bodies. In many different areas that concern the viability of our marine populations and water purity, Lucy has been in the forefront of several initiatives that address the clean water issues affecting Connecticut waters.

The collection, cleaning, filtration and disposal of our wastewater is not the sexiest issue for most of us, but to Lucy, researching and legislating for new and more efficient ways to safely manage this essential service, one that affects everyone’s life, is critically important. She was instrumental in establishing a public health reporting system for homeowners who have excessive salt in their water (caused by overuse of road salt in winter), something that can be quite dangerous for people with salt sensitive hypertension. Lucy worked on legislation that helped revive our native salmon and eel populations and has established an Office of Aquatic Invasive Species so that the right steps are taken to keep invasive populations from infesting our waters and damaging the marine ecosystem.
We need legislation to ensure our water is clean, and we need to keep Lucy in the legislature continuing to work so that we can trust it is!
Louise Washer


4 responses to “Dathan protects water supplies, ecosystem”

  1. John O’Neill

    I have a pond in my front yard…Based on these Dathan notes I expect Lucy to walk across without touching bottom. I hope she has the ability to wave her magic wand and give CT residents competitive Electric/Heating Oil Rates…OR how about waving that magic wand and integrate schools with New Canaan…Although, I truly believe Faux Libs from New Canaan would squash that one…So, I’ll settle for competitive Electric/Energy…She’s crushing us with her policies…$ 6/Gallon Heating Oil..2nd in the Continental US on Electric…Crazy…

  2. Bryan Meek

    Glad to know Lucy is watching the reservoir as the last drops feed into the city’s apartments that don’t use water (according to our executive).

  3. Steve Mann

    If you haven’t been asked to write a plug for Lucy Dathan, please raise your hand.

  4. Johnny cardamone

    😂 if the issues weren’t so serious the comments would be hilarious🥵🙈 let’s take our town, state & country back from the out of control democratic mafia👍🏼🇺🇸💪🏼🙏🏼🦔

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