Dathan supports education in a big way

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It’s the small things about how Lucy Dathan:

  • Organizes coat drives for the needy.
  • Honors her mother’s memory by being part of the Alzheimer’s Walk each year.
  • Writes fiery rebuttals, for example, one to New Canaan’s Board of Ed when they proposed dropping diversity from their mission statement.
  • Analyzes the state budget “agency by agency,” “line by line” even as a freshman legislator.

It is the small things that add up in big ways. Lucy does more than she is obliged to do. That is part of her character. She breaks records for door knocking – over 4000 each election cycle. In part, it is her discipline of getting things done. In part, it is her love of interacting with people. She listens. She acts.

It is not surprising that education is among her top priorities in the Connecticut legislature. Lucy, during her tenure as State Representative, has introduced and supported many bills which have directly benefited the education communities in Norwalk and New Canaan. She supported bills which ensured more districts could meet eligibility requirements for the federal School Breakfast Program, doubled the grants to school districts for bilingual education, supported local Alliance and Magnet school funding, and helped establish new reimbursement grants to assist schools in upgrading their HVAC systems. For children, she introduced a bill to extend recess for K-6 to help them balance their learning day. She supported meaningful investments in childcare, increased funding for infant and toddler care programs, and expanded the successful Birth to Three Programs. For teachers, Lucy supported extending the renewal time for teaching certificates, ensured all teachers get an uninterrupted 30 minutes for lunch, and expanded scholarships for minority teachers. Lucy supports retired teachers by fighting for honoring the security of teachers’ pensions, even as folks on the other side of the aisle want to renegotiate the pension contracts.  She has made sure that teachers get to keep more of their hard-earned pensions by permanently eliminating the state tax for pensions this year.

During one of the thousands of doors Lucy knocked, one neighbor started closing the door while stating she was a Republican and a retired teacher. Stepping back, Lucy asked if she knew that this year her pension would be free of state taxes and that Republicans voted against that. They parted cordially. Lucy may have not won her vote that day, but my bet is that she won her respect.

All of us concerned about education in general, and students and teachers in particular, would be wise to vote for Lucy Dathan, the Democratic candidate who supports EDUCATION IN A BIG WAY.

Mary Ellen Flaherty-Ludwig

Retired science teacher

Norwalk native

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Johnny cardamone October 27, 2022 at 9:18 am

I hope we all support education we don’t want a society full of dummies but we need to get spending under control before none of us can afford to live here anymore!🥵🙈🦔🇺🇸

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