Dathan’s financial skills needed in the legislature

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State Representative Lucy Dathan’s strong constituent service record is reflective of her values and priorities as a mother of school-age children and as an engaged member of our local community.

Her successes in Hartford are also reflective of her business acumen, skills, and experiences acquired over 25 years working in business finance and accounting, both locally and abroad. Rep. Dathan began her career as an auditor in Public Accounting, and progressed to executing deals as an investment banker before becoming the CFO for start-up technology companies. I myself am recently retired having spent the last twenty years as CEO of three different businesses, and am keenly aware of the kind of tenacity and ingenuity one must employ in these roles to be successful.

Connecticut needs to stabilize its financial future to ensure ongoing funding for our schools, healthcare, transportation, and more, and Rep. Dathan’s experience enables her to contribute strongly to the state’s budgeting process. This knowledge is crucial to fixing our state’s finances in a sensible way, which I believe begins with improving our transportation infrastructure including trains. Rep. Dathan has a clear understanding of what goes into long-term business plans and strategies and how best to achieve them. Join me in voting for Lucy Dathan on November 3rd.


Mike Wesner

New Canaan



John O'Neill October 26, 2020 at 8:22 pm

If Lucy Dathan (who is a terrific person by the way) has this great financial pedigree why would she ever go on record saying the State Transportation Funds has never been raided. It should not be a semantics game as the Dems campaign bullet points are passed around. Let that sink in before casting your ballot in 142..Secondly, you do realize CT is a disaster financially. Haven’t heard anything from Lucy or Dems locally on how that will change anytime soon. AND please let’s not blame Rowland again for that…He hasn’t been around for 20 years.

John Miller October 27, 2020 at 1:12 pm

I have never met Representative Dathan but will take John O’Neil’s word that she is a terrific person. That being said, Connecticut ranks number 47 of 50 in business tax and business friendly climate; ranks number 50 of 50 for property taxes; ranks number 48 of 50 for unfunded pension liabilities, and has the highest retail fuel taxes in the nation (which is up from 4th highest a mere two years ago). Although Representative Dathan has only been in the legislature a short time, I’m simply not buying the rhetoric that Mr. Werner is selling. Could the State of Connecticut pass a SOX (Sarbanes-Oxley) audit? I think not.

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