Deadline to qualify for public financing is Friday

The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.
The general election is Tuesday, Nov. 4.

HARTFORD, Conn. –. The State Elections Enforcement Commission has given out more than $30 million in campaign grants since May, but more than 60 people, including candidates for attorney general, comptroller, state representative, and state senator still haven’t qualified for the grant.

According to data from the SEEC website, 254 people have recieved campaign money under the Citizen’s Election Program, which provides campaign funding to candidates who raise a certain amount of money in small donations.

The commission will be handing out its last round of grants this Friday.

Kie Westby, a Republican running for attorney general, is one of the the candidates waiting for grant approval. He could not be reached for comment, but his campaign contribution disclosure forms showed that he had raised over $88,000 from individuals as of Oct. 5. His campaign is on the Oct. 16 meeting agenda and it’s possible he will qualify. If he does, he will have less than 19 days to spend $812,550.

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  1. piberman

    Imagine the alternative uses for $30 million used to elect officials who’s governing skills are open to question .

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