DEEP revises storm water permit

Click to enlarge: Impaired waterways map.
Click to enlarge: Impaired waterways map.

HARTFORD, Conn. – Compromise is never easy, but the Department of Energy and Environmental Protection is hoping municipalities and environmentalists will find their new storm water permit regulations better than the first.

The Connecticut Conference of Municipalities and the Connecticut Council of Small Towns complained that the first permit proposal released late last year was essentially an unfunded state mandate that would cost towns millions of dollars.

Environmentalists argued that keeping pollutants out of Connecticut’s waterways was responsible and not an unfunded mandate.

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  1. Elsa Peterson Obuchowski

    Does anyone know the URL to access a truly enlarged version of the DEEP impaired water bodies map? I tried enlarging it but it gets blurry and I can’t read the labels in the region affecting Norwalk.
    I’d be interested to see whether First Taxing District water sources are in better condition than others in our area.

  2. Debora


    There is a databank you can search on the DEEP site.


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