Dem newcomers force a District C primary for Common Council

Detail of a photo Jenn McMurrer posted to Facebook.
The 2021 Election is Nov. 2. A District C Democratic primary is scheduled for Sept. 14.

NORWALK, Conn. — Jenn McMurrer and Tyler Fairbairn have secured the signatures needed to force a primary in District C, seeking to take the Democratic endorsement for Common Council away from John Kydes and Jennifer McAllister.

This makes Kydes, who is seeking a fifth 2-year term, the first Council incumbent to face a primary challenge since 2017, when Kadeem Roberts tried to wrest the endorsement from District A reps Eloisa Melendez and Chris Yerinides.

Kydes originally sought the Mayoral endorsement, forming an exploratory for Mayor in December as Democratic incumbent Mayor Harry Rilling filed papers to run for reelection. Kydes dissolved the exploratory committee in April and converted it to an exploratory committee for Mayor in 2023.

McMurrer and Fairbairn publicly sought the Democratic Town Committee endorsement but were not nominated at the July 26 meeting. Instead, they went straight to the petition process.

Republicans have endorsed Read Auerbach, who is Third Taxing District treasurer. Scott Goodwin will be on the ballot as an independent, as part of Lisa Brinton’s “Independents for Norwalk” effort.

McAllister, an Oak Hills Park Authority member, was nominated July 26 by Jennifer Balliett, who said McAllister has lived in Norwalk for 16 years, and “has the energy and has carved out the time to commit” to being a Council member. The nomination was seconded by Naomi Kydes, wife to John Kydes.

McAllister holds a bachelor’s degree in business and worked for Camuto Group from 2007 to 2019, most recently as vice president for financial planning and analysis, according to her resume. Camuto Group was sold in 2018.

Kydes has been on the Council since 2013, serving as majority leader, Council president and chairman of the Planning Committee, which oversees development plans throughout the city.

Fairbairn is Community Development Administrator for Greenwich and a member of the Naramake Elementary School Governance Council. He has a background in urban planning and has worked as director/administrator of the federal Community Development Block Grant Program.

McMurrer, sometimes called Jenn Andrlik or Jenn Andrlik McMurrer, has served as Marvin Elementary School PTA President and on the Marvin School Governance Council. She’s also a member of Parent Teacher Organization Council (PTOC) member and serves on Norwalk SPEDPAC, advocating for special needs children.


4 responses to “Dem newcomers force a District C primary for Common Council”

  1. DrewT

    Once again thanks to this Primary it will cost the City somewhere between $35K-$40K!!! And they DTC has ALREADY ENDORSED CANDIDATES!!! Such a waste of money!! Imagine what an extra $40K could do for our children in the City. So, so many things! And and extra $40K in our schools budget?! More supplies for teachers?! But nope! The Dems just like Nationally love to waste out Tax Dollars!!
    The song remains the same!

  2. Scott Vetare

    We need Read on the council. A true Norwalker who cares about us!

  3. John Metsopoulos

    Get ride of Kydes

  4. In A Norwalk Far Far Away…

    If these new candidates get elected then Coucilperson Huevelman’s takeover will be complete. His plan for a rubber stamp Council / BOE will have eliminated the pesky rebels who dared to ask fiscal questions on behalf of taxpayers. Take a deeper look at the profile of these “new” candidates…all of them pledge blind support to the BOE and all are connected to Councilperson Huevelman in some way, shape, or form. Hold on to your tax dollars back there, R2! Not bad for someone who walked on to the Council. Thankfully, he’ll have some opposition this year and have to work for it.

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