Democratic Governors Association files complaint against CT election regulators

HARTFORD, Conn. –The Democratic Governors Association filed a lawsuit in federal court Wednesday alleging that Connecticut’s campaign laws infringe on their First Amendment rights to spend money on behalf of Gov. Dannel P. Malloy.

Malloy, who is seeking reelection this year, has been a fundraiser for the DGA and member since winning his election in 2010.

The 32-page lawsuit says Connecticut’s campaign laws have “forced” the DGA into “a constitutionally untenable choice: it can avoid protected speech in which it seeks to engage; it can forego the support and participation of Connecticut’s citizens in raising the funds that it needs to maintain a robust national program; or it can entertain very real threats of investigation, fines, and criminal prosecution.”

It fears what will happen if it makes an expenditure on behalf of Malloy or against one of his opponents.

See the complete story at CT News Junkie.


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