Democratic National Committee stacked deck in favor of Hillary

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Letter to the Editor:

On Saturday, April 1, the guest speaker at Wilton’s Democratic Town Committee’s Awards Breakfast – Professor of Political Science Gary Rose, from Sacred Heart University – stated that the Democratic primaries are clearly rigged in favor of Mrs. Clinton. The current chairwoman of the DNC, who headed Mrs. Clinton’s 2008 campaign against Barach Obama, reduced the number of debates from 26 to just 6 and scheduled them so as to drastically limit their audiences.

Well before the debates began, she had the so-called super delegates endorse Mrs. Clinton, who seemed to have an insurmountable lead. Professor Rose noted that these delegates can and often do change their votes at the convention. In 2008, they did it for Candidate Obama. And this time many will do it for Senator Sanders.

Yet, after Sanders overwhelmed Clinton in three western states, and in Wisconsin, the earned delegate count stands at 1271 Clinton, vs. 1019 Sanders. With states like New York and California still to vote, Sanders has the momentum to pull off a historic upset.

Professor Rose also pointed out that the media coverage given to Mr. Trump amounts to millions of dollars of free advertising at the expense of the other candidates in both parties. The same corporate media has ignored Senator Sanders, who has notably refused donations from corporate donors and PACs. Despite lack of media coverage, Senator Sanders grass roots organization has won time and again with money from millions of individual donors. The average donation is $27.

Along with many others, I believe that the Republicans will make mincemeat of Mrs. Clinton in the general election. The FBI is conducting three different investigations of Mrs. Clinton, any one of which could be fatal to her presidential aspirations. As a secretary of state, Mrs. Clinton championed regime change. Honduras, the Ukraine, Libya, Syria, and – as a Senator – her notorious vote to invade Iraq. Her bloody fingerprints in these areas cannot help but persuade voters that she is a war monger, not a peace maker.

National polls show that Sanders is considerably more electable than Clinton against Trump and Cruz. Polls reveal that people think Mrs. Clinton is untrustworthy, while Senator Sanders is the only candidate in either party found trustworthy. For instance, she calls herself a progressive despite her funding from Wall Street. For three speeches at Goldman Sachs, she earned two thirds of a $million, but refuses to make their contents public. Why?

And what about her acceptance of huge donations from the private prison industry? Or her past promotion of her husband’s “three-strikes-you’re-in” incarceration rates which disproportionately affected African-Americans, and is one of the major reasons why unemployment among them is so high? Or his so-called Welfare Reform, which devastated African-American families?

Senator Sanders has literally rejuvenated the Democratic Party by attracting the millennium voters and a huge segment of unaffiliated voters. He has re-ignited a movement that has roots in the populism of Andrew Jackson, William Jennings Bryan, FDR, Truman, MLK, LBJ. and Jesse Jackson. In contrast, the Clintons have opted for Wall Street and free trade with the outsourcing of American jobs and tax havens for the rich. They’re desperate to get back into the White House. But the vehicle that could get them there has a cracked cylinder, four flat tires and is running out gas.

Scott Kimmich


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