Democratic Party has its first gubernatorial candidate

HARTFORD, Conn. – Lee Whitnum, the former U.S. Senate candidate who once called U.S. Sen. Chris Murphy a “whore” during a televised debate, announced she’s seeking the Democratic nomination for governor on her website.

Whitnum, who once sued Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy for defamation, is the only Democrat so far to announce her intention to run for the governor’s office, although Malloy is widely expected to seek re-election this year. A spokesman for the state Democratic Party declined to comment on Whitnum’s entry into the race.

In a statement on her website, Whitnum said she would seek judicial reforms if elected governor.

“My simple plan to empower the people will give average folks the right to fire dishonest and corrupt judges who push the boundaries of ‘judicial discretion,’” she said. “Like you, I want fairness in the court system. Unfortunately, there are few checks and balances. My simple plan will empower the people and ‘retire’ those judges who have pushed their power too far.”

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