Dems, Republicans: Your vote will count

Norwalk Rilling Moccia debate 102913 014
Campaign signs line the corner of Main Street and New Canaan Avenue.

NORWALK, Conn. – It’s up to the voters now, Norwalk Republican Town Committee Chairman Art Scialabba said last week.

Norwalk’s municipal  election will take place Tuesday.

Other people are not so noncommittal.

Republican Town Clerk Rick McQuaid predicted the mayoral race will be close, hinging on voter turnout. Democrat Joe Tamburri said he senses even Republicans are going to vote for former Norwalk Police Chief Harry Rilling, saying goodbye to their longtime stalwart, Mayor Richard Moccia.

McQuaid said the election might be really close down-ticket as well.

“The candidates have to get out the vote. This is a different type of election. Sometimes you can sit home and hope. … I think every vote is going to count this time,” he said. “Every single vote is going to make a difference somewhere along the line. I think they’re going to be close, I think there are going to be recounts and I think there are going to be surprises. I’d give my surprises but I don’t want to have anybody coming to get my surprises.”

Asked for an election prediction Scialabba said, “Like a landslide?”

“It’s all going to be up to the voters,” he said. “Whoever gets 50 percent plus one will be the winner.”

What about potential recounts?

“Dick won the first time by 176 votes and there was no recount needed because it was over the 10 percent threshold,” he said. “I hope that he wins big and we continue two more years with the prosperity that we’ve been having.”

As for the down ticket races, he said, “Every race is going to be won or lost by how many contacts people have made. The taxing district races could be close. Different council races could be close. The absentee ballots may carry the day. We’ll see what happens.”

Tamburri is a lifelong Democrat who worked on Don Irwin’s mayoral campaign in 1971.

“This election is very interesting,” he said. “It’s time for some things to be moved along and changed. There’s been a lot of errors made, this administration. I think a change is due. I think it’s going to happen.”

Why is he so confident?

“I would say the last three or four weeks there’s a lot of key things that I have noticed,” he said last Tuesday. “Being involved in it for a while, you begin to see the tide changing. In a sense that it’s not only Democrats and Republicans, it’s Republicans looking at it and thinking, ‘Well, maybe we need to do something else.’ That luster that Moccia has had, not sure if that’s the proper word to use or not, but it seems to be fading away. He looks worn. He’s worn out – tired. I think it’s time he should take the high road and sort of gracefully go out to pasture.”

Then everything else will fall into line, he said.

“I think the way the top goes, I think I see the rest of the ticket going the same way,” he said.

He agreed with McQuaid on one topic.

“Yes, surprises,” he said. “I don’t know what they are yet. I’m working on it.”


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  1. bsmith

    The picture only has Rilling signs because the Moccia signs were stolen. It was obvious to anyone driving down any street in town about 2 weeks ago, Moccia signs there in the afternoon, gone in the morning. An unfortunate pattern given that the it was done so obviously and under the nose of the former police chief.

  2. Don’t Panic

    It is rare for any property owner to host signs of both parties. The notion that anywhere there is a lawn sign, there must have been a Mr. Moccia sign that was stolen is a fable.
    The wind yesterday seemed to selectively knock over Dem signs all over while leaving Repub signs standing. Is the wind complicit too?

  3. Norwalk Lifer

    This discussion about lawn signs is heartening to me, we must have so few challenges in Norwalk that we can quibble about fancied slights, stolen signs, and yes, even engage a Police Chief in rooting out the malefactors of such a heinous crime.

    Please listen to yourselves, if Norwalk is in such good shape, and by that I mean, we have a vibrant grand list, an air of cooperation and good fellowship in our leadership, a transparency of local government to the effect that council members do not have resort to airing their grievances here, then fine, re-elect Richard Moccia.

    But as he has stated whenever Harry Rilling has proposed iniatives, or stated his position on important topics just dying for improvement “Been there, done that” so what’s the message? I’ve done all I could.

    Okay, then thank you for your service, it’s time to elect someone who won’t just rest on their laurels by saying “been there, done that”.

    Norwalk Lifer

  4. Don’t Panic

    Couldn’t agree more @Lifer!

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