DePanfilis easily wins re-election as probate judge

The results
The results

NORWALK, Conn. – Republican Anthony DePanfilis has easily won re-election for Judge of Probate in what he said will be his last four-year term.

DePanfilis defeated Attorney Darnell Crosland. The judge said it had been 12 years since he had a challenger.

Official results for Wilton, according to the Secretary of State’s Office, are DePanfilis 4,573 and Crosland 2,039. Unofficial results for Norwalk, from the Democratic Town Committee, are DePanfilis 11,382 and Crosland 8,755.

Judge Anthony DePanfilis. left,
Probate Judge Anthony J. DePanfilis, left, greets outgoing State Rep. Larry Cafero at the Norwalk Inn and Conference Center Tuesday night. (Photo by Harold Cobin)

“I’ve been a judge for 17 years,” DePanfilis said. “I’m happy to continue to be the judge. I get to meet somebody new every day, learn something new every day and more importantly help somebody every day. I don’t have any political aspirations other than continuing to be the judge and serve people in Norwalk.”

Don’t expect DePanfilis to run again.

“As probate judge the day you turn 70 you are Constitutionally senile. It’s true, you are Constitutionally senile. It’s still hard for me to believe in four years I will be 70. I don’t feel it.”

DePanfilis said he will turn 70 five days after the 2019 term would begin.

The judge spent the day at Columbus Magnet School, which he considers his territory because he grew up on Ely Avenue and Fairfield Avenue. He said he went to school at St. Joseph’s, where he also got baptized, confirmed and married.

Crosland was also at Columbus, he said.

“I’ve had fun with Darnell,” DePanfilis said. “I had a great day out at Columbus School.”


5 responses to “DePanfilis easily wins re-election as probate judge”


    Maybe someone should be reporting on some of Mr. Crosland’s behavior at the polling places. Very unprofessional.

  2. Lifelong Teacher

    From the man who defended Tanya McDowell, expect nothing else. We are all very lucky he didn’t get elected.

  3. Oldtimer

    Probate judge is a very different job and fits judge DePanfilis like a glove. He is a very nice man who really cares for the people cared for by his court. Attorney Crossland will have another chance.

  4. Piberman

    The election wasn’t about running for Probate Judge. It was about “exposure” and the Party’s ability to deliver nearly 9000 votes for a first timer. Crosland was quoted in the Hour that he eyes the Mayor’s seat as his ultimate goal. The election was a major first step. Mayor Rilling may now have some major competition in his rear view mirror. From his own Party. And maybe more formidable than what the GOP can muster. Maybe Mayor Rilling needs to consider a longer tennancy at City Hall than originally planned.

  5. Lifelong Teacher

    Let us all remember he also brought the Al Sharpton groups to town, too.

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