Details not quite worked out yet for new Norwalk superintendent

NORWALK, Conn. – A technicality has delayed the final contract for new Norwalk Superintendent Manuel Rivera, Norwalk Board of Education Chairman Mike Lyons said.

“We tabled it (at Tuesday’s BOE meeting) because the mayor and Tony Daddona said that they believe the maximum that can go into an annuity is $22,000, but the contract says it is $30,000,” he said in an email. “I want to get some tax advice on that before we write it in.  We’re covered under the short form contract we signed with Dr. Rivera last week, so he’ll still start this Thursday.  He’ll work under that contract until this one supersedes it.  We’ll get the tax language cleared up and then adopt the final contract on August 6.”

Rivera’s contract, before the proposed change, calls for a $220,000 base salary with a $30,000 annuity. The total $250,000 salary is the highest end of the range set by the board when it began looking for a new superintendent.


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