DGA heads to Greenwich

HARTFORD, Conn. – The price of admission to the Democratic Governors Association Northeastern Policy Conference in Greenwich isn’t prominently listed on its website, like it was in December for a similar event in Hartford.

But things have changed. The Hartford conference was months before the DGA filed a federal lawsuit against state election regulators questioning the informal advice it has given to groups when it comes to fundraising and what may or may not be considered a violation of the laws.

Lawyers for the Democratic Governors Association argue in their opposition to the state’s motion to dismiss that they will be harmed if the court doesn’t act to protect them from regulatory action.

Last week, the two sides were ordered by U.S. District Judge Janet Hall to work out their differences outside the courtroom. Neither side has been willing to talk to reporters since their meeting when they made their arguments in open court.

The DGA wants to make sure state regulators won’t accuse them of illegally spending money on Democratic Gov. Dannel P. Malloy’s re-election campaign. Malloy has raised money for the group in the past and there are some who believe that if the DGA spends money on the governor’s re-election campaign, it could violate Connecticut’s campaign laws related to coordination.

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