Did the gun vote matter?

House Speaker Brendan Sharkey (Christine Stuart file photo)
House Speaker Brendan Sharkey (Christine Stuart file photo)
The aftermath
The aftermath

HARTFORD, Conn. – House Speaker Brendan Sharkey acknowledged that support for the 2013 gun violence prevention bill did have an impact on the seats his caucus lost Tuesday to Republicans.

Republicans picked up 10 seats in the House giving them 64 members, the most the caucus has had since 1994.

“The seats that we lost were either freshmen legislators, or open seats,” Sharkey said Wednesday. “The second fact is that all but one of those seats produced a ‘yes’ vote on the gun bill.”

Sharkey said the Democratic freshmen lawmakers who lost their seats represented districts where one would expect to find gun owners, who may have felt the law infringes on their rights or at the very least makes things inconvenient.

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