District 142 needs Dathan in the State House

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In the four years she has served the constituents of the 142nd district, Lucy Dathan has gained the reputation of being one of the hardest working members of the Legislature.

Her credentials are impressive, particularly in the area of finance, but also her grasp and understanding of everyday “kitchen table” issues like education, healthcare, childcare and taxes.

Lucy has an extensive background in finance, nationally and internationally, and recognizes the financial difficulties that so many hardworking families face today. Her work as Vice Chair of the Appropriations Committee has helped cut Connecticut taxes by over $650 million (HB 5506).

She has made it a priority to strongly support parents of infants and small children by increasing funding for childcare, increasing pay for childcare workers, and establishing financial assistance to help renovate childcare facilities – All without increasing our tax burden!

Lucy is a real “hands on” Representative. When she isn’t in Hartford, she spends time listening to her constituents. So far, she has knocked on nearly 4000 of her constituents’ doors this year alone, discussing people’s concerns and working to address those concerns in the Legislature.

I voted for her in 2018, 2020 and strongly support her reelection in 2022. She has not disappointed.

The Democratic margin in Connecticut’s legislature is slim and we cannot afford to lose a single Democratic seat! I hope you will vote to send Lucy back to Hartford for a third term.


Donna I. King


John O'Neill October 25, 2022 at 8:02 am

There’s a difference between working hard and working smart. Some people forget that. While I truly believe Dathan works hard, I don’t believe she actually works for the 142..She is a Duff acolyte and not a friend of 142.
Comments above mention a “slim” Democrat majority? That’s like saying our Heating BILLS are slim…Huh? While we’re on the subject I’d like to thank each and everyone of Dems backing out current energy policies. As we skip an unaffordable lunch this winter we’ll say a prayer of thanks for the leadership that has brought $6/gallon Heating Oil into our vocabulary. Of course, Lucy will be mentioned.

John C. Miller, Jr. October 25, 2022 at 4:41 pm

@John O’Neill: You are correct that Lucy does not really represent the 142nd. In addition to the $6 per gallon for home heating oil we are going to absorb this winter, don’t forget the additional tax on diesel that the truckers will be paying and which we will all have to pay for at the grocery store (that is, if we can afford to do so). And, what about Norwalk schools? The 142nd District is around 95% in Norwalk. The large disparity in the average math and ELA scores shown below between the Norwalk schools and the towns surrounding us (including New Canaan) suggests that we need someone who will actually represent Norwalk in the 142nd and that would not be Lucy Dathan. Don’t forget that New Canaan did not want to accept students from Nowalk in their school system.

The schools with the highest average math school for 2021-2022 were:

1. Westport School District: 618
2. Darien School District: 617
3. New Canaan School District: 581
4. Wilton School District: 576

Schools with the highest average ELA score were:

1. Westport School District: 604
2. Darien School District: 599
3. New Canaan School District: 587
4. Wilton School District: 590

Norwalk School District

Math for 2021-2022 466

ELA for 2021-2022 477

Bryan Meek October 25, 2022 at 11:47 pm

“The number of lies and lies were just stacking up”………

Look, I’m all for a clean environment…..air….water…..who wants pollution there?

The above quote is from an auditor of the publicly traded company “Nikola” which was one in a long line of companies “promising” to turn things green. Watch the latest episode of American Greed on CNBC to find out where most of our taxes are going. This is a total land grab. We are being fleeced.

We have leaders like Lucy to thank for this graft.

I only wish we were protecting the environment. Rather we are protecting a racket.

Bryan Meek October 25, 2022 at 11:51 pm

The truck rolling down hill all green was dragged up there with a real truck and then let roll down the hill to make it look like it works. You can’t make this stuff up.

Steve Mann October 26, 2022 at 9:42 am

I would think that even Rep. Himes would write in to correct Ms. King’s blaring misstatement. There are five US Congresspeople from CT currently. All are Democrat. Slim margin? Is this just a vivid example of what Democrat voters will believe without question?

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