Documents show big success for Independents of Norwalk

Signs outside Fox Run Elementary School on Election Day.

NORWALK, Conn. — Independents for Norwalk didn’t do well at the ballot box but there’s one race the fledgling party won hands down: fundraising.

Lisa Brinton’s nascent party, established in June, raised $27,125 ahead of the election, public documents show. The Norwalk Democratic Town Committee raised $5,520 this year; the Norwalk Republican Town Committee raised $382.50 this year or $245, depending on which part of its Oct. 26 filing you’re reading.

Norwalk Democrats dominated the election, as it has in every municipal election since 2015; Republicans took one of 15 Common Council seats and incumbent Town Clerk Rick McQuaid cruised to reelection with no competition. Independents for Norwalk had only one victor: Andy Meyerson become a Sixth Taxing District Commissioner.



Independents for Norwalk

Independents for Norwalk had a balance on hand of $4,896.06 on Oct. 24, according to the documents submitted by Treasurer Patrick Cooper. It appears the Committee spent $19,818.46 on advertising, though this is entered incorrectly on the form. Cooper didn’t reply to an email asking for clarification.

The donors:


  • Bryan Meek
  • Jason Milligan of New Canaan
  • Catherine Dwyer
  • Jim Hogan
  • Charlotte Burton
  • Robert Eydt
  • Brian Filanowski
  • Joe Maddafferi
  • Heather Dunn



  • Sue Haynie



  • Ben Breshnahan



  • Jody Sattler



  • Lisa Brinton



  • Patrick Cooper



  • Scott Goodwin



  • John Velez
  • John Casey
  • Joanna Darling
  • Matthew Motley
  • Douglas Thompson
  • Susan Powell
  • Christopher Sovak



  • Peter Stuart



  • Suzanne Small
  • Rick Klein
  • Kristin Guttroff



  • Donna Smirniotopoulos



  • Cathleen Chawla of New York City
  • Terrie Wood of Darien
  • Steve Baumann
  • Stephanie Jordan
  • Rod Johnson
  • Robert Lawrence
  • Ernie Desrocher



  • Jennifer Manley
  • Matthew Fry
  • Caroline Gallagher
  • Michelle Andrea
  • Terri McCartney
  • Andy Meyerson
  • Marc Grenier of Danbury



  • Margaret Epprecht
  • Michael Hanafee



  • Denise Brown
  • Cheryl Kemeny
  • Joan Smith



  • Rosario Konstantin
  • Ester Stefanidis
  • Jo Bennett
  • Kristin Guttroff
  • Lynne Pratt
  • Jeffrey Rollings
  • Roberta DiBisceglie
  • Elizabeth Metler
  • Thomas Cullen
  • Kim Berry
  • Patricia Venneri Agudow
  • Matt Smith
  • Sarah Balsley
  • Robert Patrick Steele
  • Paul Curtin
  • Greg McCall of New Canaan
  • Kathleen Moore-Cole
  • Geoffrey Sweitzer
  • Denise Brown
  • Joseph Blazovic
  • Katherine Price Snedeker
  • Ralph Sloan of Sanibel, Fla.
  • Michael Kolman
  • Mimi Chang
  • Margot Nightingale
  • David Savona
  • Jen Farnum



  • Scott Kuhner



  • Jane Graham



  • Lisa Henderson



  • Nora King



  • Erik Anderson



  • Lynelle Jones



  • Stuart Jay Garrelick



  • Devon Pike
  • Joan de Regt
  • Mark Lesson
  • Lara Walsh
  • Kristine Brasher
  • Donald Nash
  • Luisa D’Allaco
  • Andy Maskin
  • Michael Kessler of Westport
  • Jeff Nelson
  • Eric Dino
  • Elizabeth & Robert Haskell
  • Sally Ann Jurman
  • Audrey Cozzarin and Serafino Carri
  • Marlene Cohen
  • James Coale
  • Stephen Bentlover
  • Brian Anderson
  • Peter Bowes
  • Kelly Prinz
  • Margaret Epprecht



  • Heather Schneider



  • Scott & Kathleen Kuhner
  • Lisa Helvhe
  • Christopher Morales
  • Alexandra Kemeny
  • Marie Barbecho



  • Jane Graham
  • Shirley Mosby
  • Brenda Victorino



  • Peter Berman
  • Irina Marquis
  • Joan Smith
  • Marlene Cohen
  • Stephen Bentkover
  • Rich Henderson
  • John Cimmino
  • Jeff Waggamon
  • Ryan Prindle
  • Richard Tavbella
  • Carol Kaplan
  • Barbara Punzi
  • Jay Sequeria
  • Anne Dwyer
  • Kerry Rice
  • Peter Bowes
  • Peter Gatt




  • Glenn Ianaconne
  • Juanita Olguin
  • Margarita Connors
  • Tamsen Langalis
  • John Romano
  • John McKissick
  • Sarah Johnson



  • Cheryl Warner
  • David Davidson
  • Mike Barbis
  • Miner Nelson



Democratic Town Committee

The Democratic Town Committee started 2020 with $17,462.93 and on Oct. 24 had $15,992.05, according to the documents filed by Treasurer Patricia Marshock. The documents show $4,077.73 in expenses.

The donors:


  • Joseph Andrasko



  • Pamela Parkington



  • Barbara Smyth



  • Nora Niedzilski-Eichner



  • Dominique Johnson



  • David Westmoreland
  • Ed Camacho
  • Laoise King
  • Ronald Banks
  • Colin Hosten



  • Diane Keefe
  • Kara Baekey
  • Sheri Brown
  • Darlene Young
  • Patrice Hunt
  • John Olsen of Clinton
  • Mark Henson of Washington DC



  • Diane Lauricella



  • Diane Jellerette
  • Mary Ellen Flaherty Ludwig
  • Thomas Rd
  • Elizabeth Golden
  • Jacqui Jorden-Byron
  • Fanny Osorio
  • Rich Glica
  • Galen Wells
  • Maritza Bond
  • Janine Randolph
  • Stuart Wells
  • Jabulani Hinton
  • Jennifer Andrlik



  • Chanda Brodnax-Nino
  • Blanca Osorio



  • Future PAC $500
  • Third Street PAC $500
  • AFSCME Council 4 OPC $100



Republican Town Committee

There’s a contradiction in the Republican Town Committee’s “7th day before the election” submitted by Treasurer Bryan Meek on Oct. 26: it says $245 was raised between Oct. 1 and 24 but the graph summary on the first page says it’s $382.50.

The listed donors add up to $137.50. Meek said Wednesday that treasurers do not have to list donors who give $5 or less.

Expenses are listed as $3,035.33. The Committee started the period with $6,538.11, carried over from 2020, and ended it with $3,885.28. The RTC raised $5,639.7 in 2020, documents show.

The donors:


  • Ellen Wink



  • Laurie Williamson of Darien



  • Brian Smith


Updated, 1:47 p.m.: Information added.

Copy edit, 1:30 a.m. Thursday: Two duplicate names removed.


8 responses to “Documents show big success for Independents of Norwalk”

  1. Adam blank

    For the Independents, some of those donors are listed multiple times and appear to exceed the maximum allowable contribution. Is that correct?

  2. David Muccigrosso

    This is a perfect example when “reporting just the facts” crosses the line into innuendo.

    The headline could have been written neutrally. But the culture of today’s journalism loves to make it look like there’s something suspicious behind every closed door. “Documents show…” is a classic lead-in to prime the audience for some sort of scandalous revelation. “Big success” when we all know that the Independents fell flat on their faces, suggests that they managed some sort of backdoor coup.

    And yet, the headline itself is facially neutral! I can already hear someone else objecting that “It’s not like Nancy said ‘Norwalk Independents Are Secretly Organizing An Evil Campaign Based On Special Interest Money’”. Of course. She never called them evil. She just used headline tropes that have been with us ever since Yellow Journalism to imply that the Independents did something wrong.

    Ironically, I could write an equally-biased-but-facially-neutral headline that supported the Independents. “Donor Reports Indicate Strong Support For Norwalk Independents”.

    We deserve better from our local web-rag.

  3. piberman

    Gone are the days when hundreds of citizens contributed to local campaigns and the mailboxes were full of campaign literature. Gone are the days when hundreds of citizens were actively involved in City affairs. Attending Party meetings and Common Council and BOE meetings. Some of us remember when a thousand citizens attended the City Hall Auditorium to protest tax hikes. Some of us remember when frequent weekly visits to City Hall were part of our major social scene with Mayor Exposito anxious to meet in person every visitor.

    Now with 42% renters our City and its future is different. Few multi-generation families remain. The great family run Downtown stores like Kiddy Town are long gone.

  4. David Muccigrosso

    @piberman – Please don’t insult us renters. It has nothing to do with us, and everything to do with the political machine doing everything it can to discourage turnout.

    What puts the lie to your “42%” claim is that the other 58% are just as loathe to show up to the exact same meetings. Again, please don’t insult renters, and please don’t insult the public’s intelligence with facile nonsense like that.

  5. Niz

    No matter the headcount in owners & renters. No matter the story on donations. Norwalk residents (citizens) are not voting.

  6. Shari Brennan

    Well said David. People rent for numerous reasons. Many are very involved in our community, working and/or volunteering. Many vote and are also involved in town issues. Many have purchasing power and pay car taxes as well.

  7. Andy Meyerson

    How is this possibly a news story. Another reason why this website is useless.

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