Don’t let Congress take away one of the strongest cybersecurity laws in the nation

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State Sen. Bob Duff (D-25) is the Senate Majority Leader and represents Norwalk and Darien.

Here in Connecticut, we know that our personal information is under constant threat from cybercriminals. That is why our state legislature, championed by Senate Democrats, has passed some of the toughest cybersecurity protection laws in the country. Federal preemption of Connecticut’s laws places millions of Connecticut consumers in jeopardy and delivers a victory to hackers throughout the world.

While Congress is considering proposals for a national law on data breach notification and data security, it is imperative that they recognize the role that states have already played in developing and enforcing legislation on this issue. In Connecticut, our law mandates reporting of data breaches to the Connecticut attorney general, who is already taking steps to ensure that consumers’ sensitive information is protected.

There are currently eight bills before Congress that address data security and data breach notification, and all but one of these bills would preempt states’ laws and enforcement efforts. Most of these bills, as presently written, would provide less protection to consumers than current Connecticut law.

Sign my online petition to tell Connecticut’s Congressional delegation to reject any proposed legislation and to vote against any bill that preempts states’ laws involving these critical issues.


2 responses to “Don’t let Congress take away one of the strongest cybersecurity laws in the nation”

  1. Bill

    Bob, you helped the state steal 1.8 billion of my hard earned tax money, how does that make you any better than these supposed cyber criminals who my bank deals with and who also reimburses me when something is stolen?

    Are you going to reimburse me and the other taxpayers of the 1.8 billion you and the state government stole from my income this year?

  2. Non partisan

    Dear Senator
    I respect your passion on this issue. Cybercrime is actually greater in cost on our economy than the entire War on Drugs. It’s enormous. But as majority leader of the Senate there are areas you can help your electorate and help restore fiscal sanity to this great state.

    Some suggestions

    1- re work state education aid to be based on % of student receiving free lunch and reduce reliance on property taxes.

    2- align state spending with income and not more one shot acctg shinanigans. Reduce ct government expenditures.

    3- creating a more business friendly environment that increases opportunity for job creation instead of job killing taxes.

    4- personal and business tax reduction

    5- aligning public employee benefits with the private sector. Eliminate preferential income tax treatment given to some public employees while taxing private pension and social security.

    Again- thank you for your service.

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