Drone legislation grounded, study approved

HARTFORD, Conn. – Legislation to regulate drones in Connecticut never got off the ground this year, but the Program Review and Investigations Committee voted Thursday to devote one of its researchers to study the issue.

The committee devotes limited resources to researching a handful of topics each year to inform possible legislative action. Lawmakers picked unmanned aircraft as a topic for research ahead of a number of competing issues.

Sen. John Kissel, the bipartisan committee’s Republican co-chairman, urged his colleagues to dedicate resources to studying drones. He explained some of the concerns that were raised at a public hearing on the issue this year.

“It’s important to address the drones issue,” Kissel said. “There are huge ramifications regarding that and there’s a clock ticking as far as once those things are in operation, it’s very difficult to rein them back in.”

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