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Duff condemns ICE order of deportation for Norwalk resident

A vigil was held Monday at St. Jerome Catholic Church to support Sarah Courville. {Photo posted on Facebook by State Sen. Bob Duff. (D-25)}

NORWALK, Conn. – This is a press release, presented in the format in which it was sent:

Norwalk, CT – Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-Norwalk) today released the following statement in support of Jung “Sarah” Courville a member of the Norwalk community ordered deported by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement despite annual meetings with the agency and no criminal record:

“Sarah Courville is a good person, long-time Norwalk resident and pillar of the community who embodies the American dream. We should be encouraging people like Mrs. Courville not punishing them. What strategic, economic, public safety or national security purpose does it serve to rip her away from her husband and children and break up her family?  Our country needs a rational national immigration policy. Deporting Mrs. Courville does not make any sense. Today, I am calling on the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement to allow Mrs. Courville to remain in the country in order to care for her children. Until then, I am counting on the local faith community to do the right thing and provide sanctuary for Mrs. Courville.”


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16 responses to “Duff condemns ICE order of deportation for Norwalk resident”

  1. Rick

    its all sad ,but when the funds for sanctuary cities dry up how will Bob make up the difference.

    When Bob Duff releases statements Im told not everyone reads them this was from Murphys and Himes offices

    Maybe this was overboard but the illegal I caught breaking into my home over the summer should of been deported,maybe we should expect some priorities.

    Maybe this would of been in Bobs best interest to tell us who we should be deporting. Then we may understand how this man thinks.

    rational national immigration policy was passed by Democrats was it not? Now that the Republicans are pushing to enforces it Bob must understand a photo op or press release is lame without a viable solution on the table.

  2. Al Bore

    Selective law enforcement. You can’t choose the laws you want to follow break the laws you don’t want to follow, it does not work that way!

  3. Norwalk Native

    Another reason to vote Bob Duff out of office.

  4. Donna

    Serves no purpose to deport people like this. Also I’m puzzled as to why, with an American husband, she is a candidate for deportation. However, just as the deportations are a distraction from Trump’s actual work (aside from North Korea sanctions, not much that I can see), press releases like this are a distraction from everything that continues to be wrong in the state house.

    We need comprehensive immigration reform. ICE needs to target criminals. When ICE orders deportations for publicity purposes and our elected representatives take the bait, issue press releases, and show up for prayer vigils, we don’t have real government anymore. We have reality TV masquerading as government.

  5. Paul Cantor

    Norwalk should be proud of State Senator Duff, Mayor Rilling, Governor Malloy, Senator Blumenthal, and Representative Jim Himes for their principled defense of undocumented immigrants who have lived and worked in our community and by our side for many years. Unlike some politicians who have jumped on a scapegoating bandwagon they have demonstrated leadership by pointing out that the laws we adopt regarding immigration and the methods we use to enforce those laws ought to reflect the humanitarian values embodied in our founding documents. Now Norwalk’s Common Council should follow their lead by adopting a resolution such as the one below drafted by Stand Up Norwalk.


    WHEREAS, the city of Norwalk, Connecticut is proud of its diversity and its citizens’ respect for the enlightenment values embodied in our Country’s founding documents and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights; and

    WHEREAS, threats to deport law abiding undocumented immigrants and create a Muslim registry have created a climate of fear in our city and emboldened racists, xenophobes and others who do not share those values; and

    WHEREAS, the children of undocumented immigrants should not be separated from their parents due to their parents’ immigration status; and

    WHEREAS, as Governor Dannel P. Malloy pointed out “both real and perceived threats against undocumented persons and mixed-status families in our schools are causing trauma for students that affects their learning and well-being;” and

    WHEREAS, as Connecticut State Colleges and Universities President Mark E. Ojakian noted many students “due to their race, religion, sexual orientation, and…immigration status” are now fearful; and

    WHEREAS, as former President George W. Bush pointed after the September 11, 2001 attack: “America counts millions of Muslims amongst our citizens, and Muslims make an incredibly valuable contribution to our country;” and

    WHEREAS, Stuart Rabner, Chief Justice of the New Jersey Supreme Court, has recognized that arrests, searches and surveillance of individuals in State courthouses for immigration enforcement can have a deleterious effect on the civil and criminal justice systems;

    WHEREAS, speech that demeans Latinos, Muslims, blacks, and others demeans everyone and is contrary to the fundamental values upon which this Country is founded;; and

    WHEREAS, every Norwalk resident should be able to participate in its civic life without fear of being arrested or reported to the United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement Agency; and

    WHEREAS, Norwalk supports undocumented immigrants who seek a path to citizenship; and

    WHEREAS, enforcement of federal immigration laws is the responsibility of federal government not local law enforcement agencies; and

    WHEREAS, federal law does not require local law enforcement or other local service providers to inquire into an individual’s immigration status; and

    WHEREAS, the threat to deport undocumented immigrants discourages them from reporting crimes, summon help for injuries, testifying as witnesses in civil and criminal cases and seeking opportunities for their children; and

    WHEREAS, Norwalk seeks to ensure that every one of its residents realizes the protections and fundamental rights and liberties guaranteed to her or him by the United States Constitution and the Connecticut Constitution;

    NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT RESOLVED, BY THE COMMON COUNCIL that Norwalk, Connecticut, condemns behavior that harms, demeans or discriminates against any resident of our city; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that Norwalk condemns violence and speech that demeans undocumented workers, Muslims, blacks, women, the disabled, or members of the lesbian, bisexual, transgender and queer community (LGBTQ); and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that none of Norwalk’s resources will be used to investigate, question, detect, or apprehend individuals for violations of immigration law as a result of their immigration status; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that Norwalk employees and law enforcement personnel refrain from monitoring or participating in the surveillance of individuals, houses of worship, or political organizations on grounds of their religious or political affiliations; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that Norwalk calls upon local and national government officials to respect the civil rights of undocumented as well as documented immigrants; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that Norwalk calls upon the U.S. Congress to pass comprehensive, fair and humane legislation that recognizes the economic and cultural contributions of undocumented and documented immigrants; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that law enforcement personnel be prohibited from racial profiling and in particular from stopping individuals for investigation or investigating individuals because of their perceived race, ethnicity, immigration status, religion, national origin, gender/sexual orientation, or disability; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that, as Governor Dannel Malloy recommended, if an ICE agent approaches a school asking for student information or for access to a student, that agent should be referred to the Superintendent’s Office or to the office of an appropriate administrator designated by the Superintendent, and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that in accordance with State and federal laws Norwalk’s police and law enforcement authorities will continue to cooperate with federal immigration agencies in matters involving criminal activity and the protection of public safety; and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that nothing in this resolution shall be construed to prohibit City employees and Norwalk police officers from cooperating with federal immigration agencies when they are required to do so by statute, federal regulation, court decision or a legally binding agreement, and be it

    FURTHER RESOLVED, that Norwalk’s City Clerk transmit a copy of this resolution to Governor Dannel P. Malloy and our representatives in Congress and the State legislature.

  6. Notaffilated

    Can someone explain why, if she’s married to an American, she’s being deported?

  7. Donna

    @Paul Cantor, you lost me at the first “whereas”. ICE deportations of reasonably innocent undocumented residents is a kind of political football. Our elected reps play the game and some cheer them on as heroes when in fact they’re mostly looking for good PR.

    Why is Duff brave in the face of this deportation but a coward with regard to the budget and the ECS formula? Seems like these photo and press ops to stand up as a great humanitarian are well timed to coincide with lingering budget woes. Like maybe we’ll forget the 3.5 billion deficit.

    Norwalk does not need to pass this resolution to prove its creds to the undocumented community or to social liberals who live in self congratulatory bubbles that immunize them from the real costs of absorbing more people than we can afford to care for.

  8. Notaffilated

    @Paul cantor

    I’d rather watch paint dry then spend my afternoon reading what you’ve typed

  9. Norwalk native

    Another opportunity to see Paul Cantor’s Communist Manifesto…
    Paul Cantor, you and your group of {…} do not represent me or Norwalk.
    Our State has serious economic problems partially caused by too much of what you advocate already. We deserve politicians who are above these kinds of pandering stunts.
    Editor’s note: This comment was edited to remove an insult, which is against the comments policy.

  10. Peter Franz

    This is about scapegoating hardworking immigrants who have benefitted the USA, done no wrong, built a family here, yet in order for ICE to “make the numbers” get caught up in a dragnet.

    Why does ICE have to “make the numbers”?

    To try to help Trump save face. Nothing more.

    This has nothing to do with Duff, house break-ins, taxes, or anything else.

    How many families will have to pay the price for Trump’s zeal to please his base?

  11. Donna

    He didn’t type it. He cut and pasted it.

    The point of a sanctuary city is to encourage undocumented people to contact police if a crime is committed without fear of deportation. It’s a fundamentally sensible idea anchored in public safety. This treatise bears little resemblance to that sense of sanctuary city. There is one paragraph dedicated to protecting these people when they report crimes. The rest is a blanket condemnation of discrimination.

    The whole thing could be condensed into three bullet points:
    Discrimination is bad.
    Bigots are idiots.
    If you see something, say something.

  12. Peter Torrano


    The word or term “undocumented” is a made up term to lessen the impact the the correct term, “illegal”. But, if in the country illegally by crossing our borders, should there be a time limit on how long an illegal person (by definition they are not in the truest sense an immigrant) can stay before they are home free. What is that time limit? Is it two days, two years, ten years? If the illegal makes it past ten years, are they no longer illegal? I have a great deal of sympathy for this mother, and truly hope she can be granted the right to stay, especially since in her case it appears there was a legitimate misunderstanding and she attempted to follow the rules. But I do have a problem with so many of our citizens being so willing to allow anyone into our country without the proper background check and the proper application on their part. When my father came from Italy he did so by adhering to the rules of proper immigration and obeyed our country’s laws. Another poster on this site, one looking for a meaningless resolution, has shown just how far we’ve gone as a nation to selectively chose what laws we feel are fair or not. If any of us thinks a law is unfair or biased in any way, we have the right as citizens (unlike the illegals) to petition our congress person and push for the law to be changed. But if we do that in this case, what are we looking for, open borders?

  13. Donna

    @Peter Franz, this IS about Duff. It’s a press release from Senate Democratic Leadership. And that is Duff. Plus his name’s all over it.

    @Peter Torrano, I don’t know what the right answer is. Clearly, we need immigration reform, and part of that reform will include consequences for overstaying one’s welcome, including deportation. But with reform, hopefully we can process applicants more swiftly and set a sensible bar for asylum status. I have known many people who stayed here illegally, and they use the term “illegal”. So yes, undocumented is a preferred euphemism.

    My parents also emigrated from Europe. Most Americans live happily in a glorious melting pot. Things fall apart when we apply laws selectively. Some feel understandably resentful. Others who are basically law abiding and productive but who “lack” papers are afraid of being deported. It’s the kind of mess that makes enemies of reasonable people. Most people are empathetic towards this particular woman and we would like her to find a way to stay here legally. There are those few who want her locked up And others who write manifestos that are more about their egos than this woman or any group of people. But the vast majority of people are fair-minded and would like a fair solution.

    Believe it or not, there are some who support open borders.

  14. Al Bore

    “Can someone explain why, if she’s married to an American she’s being deported?” Yes I can, she is here illegally that is why. Mr.Duff and mayor Rilling can we have a list of which laws you think we have to follow and which ones we don’t so I know for future since you are for selective law enforcement.

  15. Al Bore

    Bring back the driving range so Paul Cantor has something better to do. I would rather get my teeth drilled then read what he types.

  16. Dawn

    Just be side you’re married to a citizen or have a child who is a US citzrn does not make you a citizen. You need to apply. Be “vetted”. Pay taxes and fines you have been delinquent on and possibly return to country of origin before being considered.

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