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Duff, Kulhawik meet to discuss NPD’s ‘bullying’

State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25).

NORWALK, Conn. — Differences continue, after State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) met with Norwalk Police Chief Thomas Kulhawik to discuss his account of a “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” at the police headquarters.

“I hope that the chief’s actions will help the community to move forward in a way that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anybody else and this is viewed as a moment when they can do some soul searching and they can grow,” Duff said.  

Kulhawik said, “Now that I have been able to discuss the incident with him in detail, I can complete my review and determine what action needs to be taken moving forward. While we agreed to disagree on certain points, I did agree that I am always looking for ways to improve the department and value any suggestions towards that end.”

Duff and Kulhawik met at Duff’s house Friday to address Duff’s allegations of being “mistreated and spat at” this summer in a meeting with Norwalk Police officers, who were upset about the police accountability bill that the legislature went on to pass. They talked for two hours, according to Duff.

“It was a frank and honest discussion. We’ve known each other for long time, and I felt that I could say exactly what I thought of the situation and what was on my mind,” Duff said.

In a series of social media posts about the events of July 24, Duff said last week that “police came out from the back of the station and looked as if they were going to surround my car. Whether that was their intention or not, I don’t know, but it appeared to be another bullying and intimidation tactic.”

Duff said that was one of the final points he made to Kulhawik: “The fact, that they think that that’s OK to come out in force like that as I’m leaving the parking lot, it shows kind of the root cause of the problem. To me, that’s the denominator, when officers think that it’s OK to come out as a group where somebody’s parked to intimidate or to bully and they don’t see a problem with that. That’s the problem.”

He continued, “I said unless every time somebody leaves that public parking lot, 30 cops come out, then we don’t have a problem. But I doubt that’s the case.”

Police headquarters security video shows 12 police officers in the parking lot. Sgt. Salvatore Calise said he told the men to stay on the sidewalk.

Duff on Saturday stood by his description of 30 officers. He spoke of camera angles and said there were more officers in the doorway, waiting to come out.

Sgt. David O’Connor, police union president, said there were 12 officers and none of them stepped off the sidewalk.

Duff’s description of July 24, when he was invited to Norwalk Police headquarters to discuss the pending bill with the police union executive board, includes passing police officers on his way in and them saying, “What the f**k is he doing here?” After the discussion, he was outside talking with one officer and another came out and spat on the nearby steps, he said. He could see other officers behind him.

It’s “undeniable” that the officer spitting “was not our finest moment,” but he spit on the ground, not at Duff, O’Connor said.

A screengrab from a 2016 post on the Connecticut Senate Democrats page, from State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25). From left are Duff, Norwalk Police Officer Mark Suda and Sgt. Salvatore Calise.

“We could have done better, and we should have done better. But I think we feel somewhat betrayed by someone who portrayed themselves as our friend. And now we realize that we were just used by him as a prop,” O’Connor said.

Duff is “the guy who showed up at our award ceremonies and our banquets and our promotional ceremonies and wished us all the best and we appreciated that,” O’Connor said. “And then it turns out that it’s all just a political prop, just to garner votes.”

Duff declined to respond to that.

Mayor Harry Rilling said, “I to believe this should be handled at the table rather than in the press.”

He said, “I have offered to meet with Senator Duff, the chief and the police union in order to bring this to closure once and for all. …We look forward to resolving this in an amicable way.”


The bill

NancyOnNorwalk asked O’Connor what police object to in the police accountability bill, signed by Gov. Ned Lamont on July 31.

“We have worked long and hard to make Norwalk a much, much better place than it was back in the 80s. And now we can’t do it anymore,” because since police are less protected from lawsuits, they “can’t take a chance,” O’Connor said.

Commentary on a Reddit, in response to a post by State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25).

“You can’t ask for consent, we can’t identify other people in a motor vehicle. We can be decertified for acting in a way that disparages police work. There’s a lot of things in this bill, a lot of things that are not good for us,” he said.

The bill revamps and empowers the Police Officers Training and Standards Council, giving it the authority to decertify a police officer — revoking a necessary credential for employment. POST, as the Council is commonly known, also would play a large role in shaping training for every police agency in Connecticut, including the State Police, and help set policies on crowd control and the use of force. Kulhawik is on the Council.

Democrats and Republicans differ on their interpretation of the “qualified immunity” clause in the bill.

“Unfortunately, there is some misinformation on parts of the bill including qualified immunity,” Duff wrote in an opinion published by Medium. “An officer will continue to have qualified immunity unless they commit an act that is either illegal or violates the state Constitution, for which they did not have an objectively good faith belief the act did not violate the law.”

He continued, “In my opinion that is a high bar and I don’t see how anyone would want to defend an officer from being responsible for violating the law in such an extreme and egregious way. We don’t want taxpayers to pay for intentional wrongdoing and this bill ensures that.”

Senate Republican President Len Fasano (R-North Haven) said it’s a “myth” that the bill doesn’t eliminate qualified immunity for police.

“Qualified immunity for good police officers is effectively gone,” Fasano wrote. “Police officers can be personally sued if a court determines they acted in a ‘willful, wanton or reckless manner.’ The definition of ‘willful’ is completely open to interpretation by the court, putting officers at risk for lawsuits with no ability to dismiss frivolous claims early.”

Commentary on a Reddit, in response to a post by State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25).

Then, “Even if an officer is found to have not acted willfully, wantonly or recklessly, the municipality — and therefore taxpayers — will still be held liable,” Fasano wrote. “Faced with large legal fees even in frivolous cases, municipalities will be economically forced to settle many cases, leaving blemishes on good officers’ records without ever giving them the chance to prove no wrongdoing.”

“We keep hearing people say qualified immunity as a defense is being eliminated. That is false,” said State Rep. Steve Stafstrom (D-District 129), one of the bill’s chief architects.  “Officers face little additional risk of being sued under this bill.”

As the bill worked its way through the Statehouse, police officers protested en masse, claiming the end of governmental, or qualified, immunity in State courts would make police unable, or unwilling, to do their jobs. They warned that officers would second-guess decisions in situations where they need to act quickly, and that those who could leave or retire from the profession, would. They also said it would hinder recruitment efforts, potentially undercutting another section of the bill that attempts to draw more people of color into police forces across the state.

Advocates argued that ending immunity would help families affected by police violence and provide a means for them to be compensated for their loss. They also said the potential for hefty lawsuits could discourage police departments from keeping on their payrolls those officers who routinely commit misconduct.

“Let me be clear that in this process no one ever spoke negatively about police or failed to recognize the hard work they do or how police have an important role in our communities,” Duff’s editorial said. “I’ve always strongly supported our local and state police and value the work they do each and every day. My record is crystal clear in that regard. This is about recognizing the awesome power they have and creating polices that provide more confidence and fairness in our communities for ALL of our residents.”


Why now?

Norwalk Police Sgt. David O’Connor. (File photo)

O’Connor said last week that he was perplexed as to why Duff was protesting the July 24 incident now, after initially seeming to take in stride.

On Saturday, Duff said he called Kulhawik right away.

“I said I just had the most awful experience the police department. Do you want to know more about it?  You should investigate,” Duff recalled.

He also called Rilling to let him know, but couldn’t get in touch with him, Duff said.

He told no one else, but within a week, “I had gotten calls from around the state…people in eastern Connecticut and Hartford calling to apologize,” Duff said.

Republicans charge that Duff went public with the accusations because he knew the police union would endorse his Republican opponent, Elisavet “Ellie” Kousidis.

Duff said that the Senate hadn’t voted on the bill when he went to Norwalk Police headquarters on July 24, the day after the House passed it.

“I would have had every right to say something on the Senate floor for the vote on Tuesday,” Duff said. A possible endorsement “never crossed my mind.”

It’s public due to his response to a communication from O’Connor, Duff said. O’Connor texted, saying, “I’m guessing you would not be interested. But I’m writing you to our general membership meeting on Sept. 10. We will be speaking to both candidates running for your office and selecting one to endorse. Please let me know if you intend to attend,” according to Duff.

That’s when he sent the letter that became public, Duff said. He copied Rilling, Kulhawik and union leaders of AFSCME (American Federation of State, County and Municipal Employees) and the American Federation of Labor and Congress of Industrial Organizations (AFL-CIO).

“At that point, it was just a matter of time before it got out,” Duff said.

Duff’s letter to O’Connor said, “It is simply astonishing that your first communication to me since I was with you last on Friday, July 24, 2020 at the Norwalk Police Station was a request that I do something for you rather than an apology from you for the way I was mistreated and spat at during my last meeting with your members… you asked if I would like to come to the department to seek the Norwalk Police Union’s endorsement. Let me be clear: my answer is no. I did not ask for it, I do not want it and I would not accept it.”

LettertoDavidOConnor (2)

NancyOnNorwalk reporter Harold F. Cobin and Connecticut Mirror reporter Mark Pazniokas contributed to this story.


31 responses to “Duff, Kulhawik meet to discuss NPD’s ‘bullying’”

  1. Deborah Lewis

    Over and over I see the Norwalk Police not obeying the law (e.g. parking illegally, taking other peoples’ right of way when there is no emergency, etc.). They need to be paragons of the law, and not think they are above the law.

  2. David McCarthy

    What a waste of time by do-nothing Bob Duff in an attempt to characterize himself as a victim of police….and after he has wrapped himself up in blue at every opportunity for the past 20 years.

  3. Scott V.

    Let’s move on, nothing to see here! What a b.s. story! Come on Bobby, really sad how you need to lie about Norwalk’s FINEST! Let’s go to the video tape, show us Bobby what 30 cops made you frightened.
    Ellie is the right choice! Ellie is the only choice!!

  4. M Murray

    The video proves that the officer did not “Spit at” Me Duff. It showed the Officer looking at Mr Duff, and then making a spitting gesture toward the ground not even at Mr Duff. It also showed 12 officers clearly standing on the sidewalk. Not 30 attempting to go after his vehicle. Suddenly the anti-police crowd decides to ignore the videos??

  5. Norwalker

    Another lie by Duff “At that point, it was just a matter of time before it got out,” Duff said. If this were true then why did he himself post it all over his social media accounts? He posted it in multiple Facebook pages, Twitter and even Reddit. The little liar is looking for attention and votes. He’s hoping to garner national attention for his political gain. Another lying politician whose time has passed. Bob must go!

  6. John ONeill

    Who do you you think is the puppeteer behind Duff’s actions? He has certainly given this a lot of thought and I would bet my life these are not all his words.
    Has the DTC expressed any comments. I would appreciate hearing from all state candidates on this.
    Duff must’ve taken a course on misleading nuancemail because that’s all this seems to be
    Regarding the actual “well thought out bill” – It will be rewritten a few times before implementation. Anyone with half a brain knows that. Again, why has the DTC been quiet on this? Is it possible they’ve been out of town?

  7. Victor Cavallo

    Senator Duff’s campaign to defame and destroy the NPD continues. Subjecting police officers to personal lawsuits and their families to financial ruin and bankruptcy wasn’t enough; right Senator Duff?

  8. Ron Morris

    M Murray
    Where did you see the video as I was under the impression that it has not been released?

  9. carol

    what a travesty duff needs votes and will do anything to get them. it is time for do nothing duff to go. we need someone that will work for norwalk and respect our police officers .

  10. Jane Colahan

    Why were there between 12-30 cops hanging out at headquarters? Don’t they get paid for doing something other than coffee breaks and acting like thugs?
    Such an embarrassment for Norwalk’s “finest”.
    Apologies to Senator Duff from many shocked, though not surprised, citizens. We are proud you refused their endorsement.

  11. Norwalk resident

    It doesnt matter if it was one cop or 30 on the sidewalk. They shouldnt be there. Your opinion doesnt matter when you have the uniform on. You are there to protect and serve. Not pass judgement. In the private sector the benefits of employees change often. We cant spit at the CEO or chase him down. You would be terminated immediately. Officer Suda posts that he is no longer a friend of the senator. So what? What does he need you for. Your party loses to all the democrats faithfully. You are actually his best friend. The chief says he is reviewing the situation. What exactly does that mean? Harry where are you?

  12. Michael McGuire

    Nancy here is a question, State Rep. Steve Stafstrom (D-District 129), is one of the bill’s chief architects. Who else authored this and what was the driving motivation? If it was the recent (spring) police issues in Minneapolis than this is really troubling.

    It’s troubling because it’s part of the weak-kneed leadership response shown by both parties across the country when it comes to supporting our police. Democrats have been throwing the cops under the bus while Republicans appear to frightened to stop them. And what have we gotten in return – Minneapolis, Portland, Seattle, Chicago, NYC, etc. etc. etc.

    Sgt. O’Connor very clearly states the since this bill makes police less protected from lawsuits, therefore they “can’t take a chance,” which means they are stripped of what gives then the authority to protect us all.

    Who sets the threshold for “disparaging actions”?? Does that mean all 12 (or 30) police officers who came outside, and particularly the one that spit on the ground or used harsh language, are disparaging police work? Apparently so.

    I don’t know about you but I would prefer Cops to be more the Clint Eastwood type than the pandering politician type.

    How about a bill that supports more funding for increased/better training for police.

    We are on a slippery slope and bills like this just make it worse.

  13. Baby shark

    If I do something wrong and in anyway hurt somebody I could be sued and held liable why is it any different for a super professional like a police officer are you kidding me it’s because you’re trying to hide something the criminals are behind the shield

  14. Dana Pevsner

    The rude, crude, and threatening Norwalk police officers should be disciplined and given community service hours picking up trash on the sidewalks in Norwalk. Their ill manners and abusiveness are poor role modeling for our young people. The police chief should resign if he allows this sort of thuggishness when an elected political leader visits.

  15. Ct. V

    Again, I don’t really care about Bob Duff and what his motivations are, but the idea that a group of armed angry officers came in an intimidating way towards an elected official (or anyone for that matter) is totally unacceptable. And the fact that the police department is deciding if this is ok is also unacceptable. It already sounds like the chief is trying to defend his team rather than get to the truth and whether the city should be ok with it.

    What is the mayor saying here? Is he ok with this? Is the DTC?

  16. CT-Patriot

    Time to throw Bob out on his Duff!

    We need real leadership, not photo ops after passing laws that affects police in their line of duty.

    Vote R E D this November. Remove Every Democrat.

  17. Ron Morris

    Once again to ones saying that the video showed that the officer did not spit on Duff. The video as far as i am aware has not been released . Su the ones say what the video did or did not show are posting FAKE NEWS

  18. M Murray

    The previous article on NON states that they viewed the video at NPD HQ and they observed the officer look at Duff and then made a spitting motion toward the ground but it appeared that no spittle was actually expectorated. Reading is fundamental.

  19. Bryan Meek

    Of all the absurd excuses for Duff’s lies and war on police I’ve heard, this one takes the cake….

    “Why were 12 to 30 at the building”……..We have nearly 200 employees at NPD. The idea that there might be a few dozen on site at or near a shift change shouldn’t surprise anyone.

    What should surprise anyone, regardless if you are a water carrier for Duff, is that he would engage in something this stupid knowing how inflammatory his stupid legislation is for this state. This is what happens when laws are hatched inside a caucus chamber and never vetted by all interested parties. This is how we’ve been governed for far too long.

  20. DryAsABone

    You have had Duff in Hartford since 2001,or so, and prior to that he has floated about learning the game or shapening his “skills”.
    Are you happy with the results?

  21. Harold Cobin

    Jane Colahan — The officers were not “hanging around.” They were part of the next shift and waiting for line-up before going on patrol.

    All — I did watch the videos (there are three). Regarding the “spitting” incident, the officer was about nine feet away from Duff. He made a spitting gesture toward the ground I would characterize as indicating contempt or scorn. (Again, my characterization. I haven’t spoken to the officer and I’m not saying that’s what he intended.)

  22. Nora King

    What is really needed is Union Reform? Allowing anyone to sue anybody in a state that needs major tort reform is really crazy. CT is one of the most sue happy states in the nation. It is crazy. You want reform – like any profession the people not doing there job get fired. Not moved to a new position. Union reform in the state of CT is needed and Democrats need to start realizing this is where the problems come from. I am a Democrat. If I can see it why is it so hard to others to not see it. The politicians won’t due it because they want the unions support. The unions should not be allowed to endorse, contribute etc to any candidate.

  23. Ron Morris

    M Murray
    Once again the public has not viewed the video. IF the NPD has nothing to hide why has it not been released. Do they need time to doctor it Up?

  24. Ron Morris

    Bryan Meek So you must feel that holding cops responsible for their actions is stupid legislation? You must feel that its ok for cops to use choke holds and that its ok for cops to cover for one another, as that is what this “stupid legislation” is meant to prevent.

  25. Cosmo Morabito

    I agree with police reform which I think is mostly the union protecting bad police. But the bill which Duff voted for is ridiculous. And his claim of being bullied, is similar to him berating people, and calling them racist because they didn’t agree with his views.
    If you represent the people then you should have spoken up at the time.
    Oh you can’t bully everyone, to your point. Maybe you have to learn how to speak with people, and LISTEN!!

  26. Eric D Fischman

    Dear Nancy,

    Many thanks for reporting on the meeting between Bob Duff and Chief Kulhawik to discuss the events leading to Senator Duff’s “Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day” at the police headquarters.

    Knowing that these two bright, passionate and community minded individuals are working toward a resolution regarding the incident of bullying that Senator Duff experienced is a great relief. As amember of the NAACP Board for 12 of the past 15 years, and as a delegate to CONECT, I am keenly aware of the community support and fair mindedness that Senator Duff and Chief Kulhawik provided to all races and creeds in the greater Norwalk area; especially when issues relate to equality, safety, life and liberty. It is clear that a terrible unfairness occurred and it is good to see that a dialogue continues between community leaders. As Senator Duff noted, “I hope that the chief’s actions will help the community to move forward in a way that what happened to me doesn’t happen to anybody else and this is viewed as a moment when they can do some soul searching and they can grow.”

    Bob has been an outspoken critic of bigotry, inequality, inequity and hate. For these reasons, he was presented with the Barbara Jean Edmonds Penn Memorial Award for Community Service by the NAACP several years ago. Chief Kulhawik also shares the NAACP’s values and is a distinguished member of The Taskforce for Peace, an initiative that includes six local police chiefs, two states’ attorneys and five members of the NAACP. It is the mission of this initiative to protect the rights of all citizens and to respond to violent and race-related issues within each community.

    Yet, the harassment and bullying that Senator Duff experienced must be investigated. The actions of the officers involved perpetuates the fear of police that many experience. The possibility that these individuals lack the self-control and sophistication required to remain good role models and to air their concerns with some hostility is of significant concern. As Senator Duff noted, we are troubled by the encounter because one can only imagine how some might treat someone nonwhite and with less privilege than him.

    It is my hope that those officers involved in these encounters will communicate their grievances with open dialogue, in a facilitated conversation, that might provide common ground where all might find consensus and understanding. I believe that the recent conversation between Senator Duff and Chief Kulhawik sets a model to be emulated.

    Eric Fischman

  27. Bryan Meek

    @Ron Morris: Are you Pelosi’s ice cream cup holder? Give the partisanship a rest. Few of us buy this bullcrap anymore, thanks in part to foolish moves likes this one by Duff.

  28. John ONeill

    @Eric Based on what I’m hearing, I don’t think recent conversation between Duff and Chief K is a model for anything. I also think if that cop can spit 10 feet he belongs in the Guiness book of records..

  29. Mimi Chang

    Is it acceptable that constituents have to endure Bob Duff playing dirty politics, lying and poisoning the well of public opinion during campaign seasons, or whenever he feels threatened by a political opponent or opposition? Our senator has truly outdone himself here by manufacturing a less than truthful narrative which villifies the NPD as a brotherhood of “bad apples“ for his own political gain. Duff both wrote and verbalized that he was spat “at” by a police officer, and scripted it to sound like he was point blank spat at, but the surveillance camera told quite a different story. I’m wondering, like many others are, what the consequence will be for a senator who has not only falsely accused a police officer of spitting “at” him, but has taken his spin on a full out publicity junket, hitting multiple media outlets, even being interviewed by WNPR – https://www.wnpr.org/post/listen-state-senator-says-police-officers-intimidated-him-over-accountability-vote?fbclid=IwAR3xud8bOuzimASjSK4z9vE4GQTnlbEXli9gAGa2mJRXP9jRNOA4MjCezTU – to make sure a broader audience hears his false narrative. Bob Duff seemed to contradict himself with the WNPR interviewer when questioned about if he had a hard time deciding to go public with his story. He answered that he had a hard time because he felt that the behavior of some should not stain the entire police profession. Prior to his answer, he described to the interviewer that he felt bullied and intimidated by a large group of 30 (a false number according to witnesses) officers, making it sound like he was ambushed. So… Which is it, a few bad apples or a basketful of bad apples? It sounds like Duff is playing the guessing game “Two Truths and a Lie” with the interviewer. If Duff’s true answer is some, was the officer who incidentally did not even spit “at” him, but gesticulated spitting on the ground nine feet away in the opposite direction, one of the bad apples? Or was the officer just angry about a flawed, rushed police accountability bill that should’ve been properly vetted with Duff’s consideration of the NPD’s opinions sought before it was rammed through in a partisan manner? The officer had a right to be angry. Did he assault Duff? Doesn’t sound like it. It does sound like Duff partook in character libel and slander of a constituent, though. Videos do not lie. Ironically, Duff’s Facebook echo chamber is abuzz with residents posting that he was assaulted by the police officer, and that he should press charges. Duff was not assaulted, yet he is not stopping this misinformation from being perpetuated. How divisive and damaging for Norwalk.

    Bob Duff’s “Trial by Facebook” public stoning of his constituents and elected officials, and currently of the NPD, in his digital town square has become de rigeur. Inappropriate behavior coming from a CT Senate Majority Leader. Who can forget how our senator ruthlessly kneecapped Lisa Brinton last campaign season for pointing out that the ECS funding formula/historic underfunding of NPS by Hartford is not adequately benefiting our diverse needs student population, character libeling her as a racist xenophobe, in a letter he blasted on his Facebook pages and to multi media outlets? Duff’s maligning of opponents with false accusations on social media is very Trump like, and amazingly, our Norwalk DTC condones the behavior with their silence when it plays to their political advantage. Oh, the hypocrisy. Then DTC Chair Edwin Camacho followed suit after our senator in what came off as a coordinated attack on Brinton, posting an even more egregious character defamation letter to the media. Again, the Norwalk DTC condoned Camacho’s actions with silence. Disturbing that the women of the DTC did not take issue with two male politicians playing patriarchal politics and ambushing a strong, independent, fellow woman who ran a clean campaign. Whether D, R, I or U, woman or man, anyone who has the courage to run for public office is deserving of respect and equal and fair treatment.

    Senator Duff’s latest silly season hit piece’s title looks to be inspired by the children’s book “Alexander and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day”. The book is about a boy who has a day where he feels that everything goes wrong for him, but at day’s end he feels better when he realizes that he’s not alone; everyone has days like Alexander’s once in a while and can certainly relate to him. I’m sure our policemen can relate to Duff’s letter title after being lied about and publicly shamed several weeks after an event which has obviously been twisted out of context by their senator. Just prior to his hack job, Duff was on record as praising the NPD with how they conduct themselves in general.

    While we’re on the topic of children’s stories, I think Dr. Seuss’s “Yertle the Turtle” more befittingly characterizes Bob Duff’s fabricated publicity stunt which takes advantage of the current political climate and throws the police department under the bus for his own selfish political gain. “Yertle the Turtle” is a story about a power hungry turtle king who uses the turtles of his kingdom as stepping stones in an ever growing turtle pile to achieve his goal of ultimate power and control at any cost. One day, the turtle minion at the bottom of the pile realizes it is of no benefit to him to keep propping up Yertle while getting little to nothing in return, and he pulls out of the bottom of the pile, sending Yertle toppling from his throne and setting the turtle kingdom free from his stranglehold.

    Senator Bob Duff’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad publicity stunt underscores that power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Too much concentrated power, abuse of power and lack of checks and balances are detriments to our Democracy.

    Free Norwalk on November 3rd!

  30. Another City Employee

    Why hasn’t anyone bothered to ask Mr. Duff why he waited six weeks to make this public declaration that he was threatened, harassed and bullied?? His visit to NPD was 7/24/20 but it wasn’t until the first week of September that he was so frightened that he had Capital police come and keep constant guard at his house. HE WAS SO AFRAID AND IN FEAR FOR HIS SAFETY THAT HE DID NOTHING FOR SIX WEEKS!!! Is anyone else not see and asking this????

    1. “Another City Employee,” I asked the question. https://nancyonnorwalk.com/duff-kulhawik-meet-to-discuss-npds-bullying/ Look for the heading, “Why now?”

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