Duff touts Long Island Sound clean up efforts

NORWALK, Conn. — Governmental investments in Long Island Sound have paid off, State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff (D-25) said Tuesday.

The water looks very clear, and there’s “lots of new marine life that we haven’t seen in a long time,” Duff said, after leading a tour of the Sound with Norwalk oysterman Norm Bloom.

Not only are there whales but lobsters are being seen in a wider area, he said, attributing the resurgence to 30 years of investments from state, federal and local governments.


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  1. Just Another Norwalk Voter

    Thanks Bob as it’s nice to have a clean LI Sound. But Bob why don’t you get back Hartford and pass a budget that doesn’t increase our taxes and doesn’t cut our services?

  2. Peter Torrano

    I guess the best way to describe Duff’s recent flood of press releases, boating tours, anti deportation stands and grandstanding in general could simply be defined as deflection politics. Remember in the play and movie Chicago the song Razzle-Dazzle? Is Duff the reincarnation of Billy Flynn? Tap dance and confuse people by diverting their attention away from his many failings by copy and paste and photo ops. But, to our great embarrassment we have all known of Duff’s ineptitude, yet we (not me) have continued to send him back to Hartford to “sit down for Norwalk”.

  3. Rick

    wow this was loaded with inconsistencies ,what the city did with the contractors yards on meadow st was criminal

    Bob produce the log for testing at shore front park beach by the state there is 8 months of testing tell us you think its safe to fish in the Norwalk river? They do every day.

    Bloom is smart but not smart enough to understand the effect the city boards have had on pollution generators ,the state is disapointed what Norwalk has done.

    It was obvious the DEEP has never talked to Bob in fact after budget cuts last couple of years I doubt if they have anything to do with Duff.

    Contaminated soil taken from day st in the middle of the night left DEEp wondering why so much dirt was taken from the site if they needed dirt t build it up to build on.

    Its time to call Duff on his bluff he has no cards worth playing now its all about real estate.

    Duffs lobster scare was awesome turns out the instead of chemicals it was warmer waters and those lobster men who posed for that photo opt will never stand again for a picture it was terrible how Duff used them one election as if anyone cares about studies Duff uses that are complete trash.

    Time to sweep this crap out of our city we have been played and then Bob gives us his world renown pearl necklace.

  4. Isabelle Hargrove

    @ Pete Torrano… Duff is no Billy Flynn. Billy delivered big for his clients… We could only have wished he was…

    Duff is only an empty suit. Hartford figured that out a long time ago and just uses him as a mop. Norwalk, I believe, is waking up…finally…

  5. Rick

    Bob could you look into what news just broke today ,I realize the water we swim in is important but what about the stuff we drink .I realize this isn’t earth shattering but

    Hexavalent chromium, was found in Stamford, Norwalk, Greenwich, Darien, Seymour and Danbury, according to EWG.

    \Your next public service announcement could you help us out and let us know if we should be concerned about this?

  6. Wineshine

    Politics at it’s finest. Find a cause that someone else has spearheaded, and succeeded at, and attach your name to it. Odds are that the folks who think you walk on water, no pun intended, will give you credit for the deed.

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