Duleep announces ‘Council on Your Corner’

Anna Duleep Norwalk campaign headquarters 072213
Norwalk Common Councilwoman Anna Duleep (D-at large), right, hosts an open house Monday at her campaign headquarters. Duleep, former majority leader, is running for city sheriff.

NORWALK, Conn. – Norwalk Democrats can easily support all four Democratic mayoral candidates and register in time to vote in the September primary without going to City Hall, thanks to a joint effort of Common Councilwoman Anna Duleep (D-at large) and Deputy Democratic Registrar Bob Sodaro.

Duleep, who is running for city sheriff, is inviting Democrats and unaffiliated voters who want to switch to Democratic party affiliation to her Wall Street campaign headquarters from 2 to 7 p.m. Friday and from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday, where Sodaro will assist Norwalkers who need to make changes to their voter registration information. Democrats can sign all four mayoral candidate petitions if they wish, or make sure they are registered in time for the Sept. 10 primary.

“Getting to City Hall before 4:30 on a weekday and finding a parking spot can be a hassle,” Duleep said in a press release. “I want to bring the appropriate City Hall department to my constituents at a time that accommodates their busy schedules. Voters will be welcome at my campaign headquarters to look up their municipal election-year polling site; sign all four petitions at once; and, if they wish, meet with a designated representative from each Democratic mayoral campaign.”

While representatives of the four mayoral candidates are expected to be there, it’s not a campaign event, the release said. The primary focus is facilitating the paperwork that comes with running a primary.

“There’s a time and a place to debate the issues,” Sodaro said in the release. “These events are about the process. Signing one candidate’s petition does not mean you’re going to vote for him; you’re just helping him qualify to appear on the primary ballot. All properly registered Democratic voters in Norwalk may sign all four petitions. What they can’t do is sign one candidate’s petition more than once.”

What about rancor between the candidates vying to be Norwalk’s next Democratic mayor? “Right now, we’re all working together,” Duleep said in the release. “Harry Rilling just signed Vinny Mangiacopra’s petition for me this morning.”

Council on Your Corner: Democratic Registrar’s Office

• Friday from 2 to 7 p.m.

• Monday from 11 a.m. to 8 p.m.

• Duleep for City Sheriff Headquarters, 29 Wall St., Norwalk (corner of Wall and Commerce streets)

Free parking is available across the street in the lot behind Banc House (just before Wall and River streets)

Anna Duleep campaign headquarters Norwalk
Olivia Dardy, a Democratic council at-large candidate, visits Anna Duleep’s campaign headquarters Monday at 29 Wall St., formerly the Platinum Lounge.


5 responses to “Duleep announces ‘Council on Your Corner’”

  1. Pony Tailed Steve

    What a shame Ms. Duleep couldn’t use 45 Wall St, the blighted property that has sat as an eye sore for the past two years.

    What a shame “Council on Your Corner” doesn’t have anything to do with the council and is only a political game.

  2. Tom

    Anna Duleep is a very commendable person, it should be easy for her to win over the man currently under investigation for selling drugs.

  3. Grendel

    Tom, you must be one of his customers because he didn’t get the nomination. Wake up, man.

  4. JustAsking

    Is Mr. Sodaro volunteering his time at Ms. Duleep’s headquarters or is this type of activity part of the job description for the Registrar’s Office?

  5. Anna Duleep

    While this event mainly benefits those who want to vote in the Democratic Primary, we ended up helping Republicans as well last Friday. Republicans and Unaffiliated Norwalk voters may certainly stop by to look up their municipal year polling sites, examine our new municipal precinct map, or fill out change-of-address forms. It’s their choice. All the forms go back to the same shared office space at City Hall anyway!

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