East Norwalk council candidates have BOE in mind

NORWALK, Conn. – Three candidates to represent District C on the Common Council made their pitches last week to East Norwalk residents, citing their qualifications and their goals.

John Kydes, Democrat

Kydes, a newcomer, said he is a lifelong Norwalker with generations of family here. As a business owner who handles large budgets, he feels prepared to be on the council, even if he is “not a self promoter.”

“I feel a lot of bad decisions have been made due to party conflict,” he said.

The father of two Naramake Elementary School children said recent issues on the Board of Education “came close to breaking down.”

“I will work with the Board of Education to make sure the money goes back into the classroom,” he said. “Being a business owner, I feel Norwalk isn’t being run like a good business. I work well with others and I feel that I would be a positive influence on the council.”

Sarah Mann, Republican

Mann was elected by the Republican Town Committee in January to replace Councilwoman Joanne Romano, who resigned. The past president of the East Norwalk Improvement Association listed as her accomplishments all of the things she has voted for while on the council, including funding traffic signal upgrades, the BOE and the repair of the Calf Pasture Beach pier, which she said would start soon.

“Norwalk is moving forward,” she said.

If elected, she would like to see the Norwalk Harbor Loop Trail completed, she said.

“Now that we have moved the project over to Redevelopment, I have every reason to believe this project will move forward,” she said.

She also said she is concerned about traffic in East Norwalk, will try to fix blighted commercial properties and has great respect for Norwalk’s department heads.

Michelle Maggio, Republican

Maggio was elected in 2011 for her first term on the Common Council. She is currently majority leader.

She is a lifelong East Norwalk resident and the co-owner of Mike’s Deli. Potholes are part of the reason she is in politics – she said she complained about it so often that her husband, a Norwalk Fire Department captain, said, “Why don’t you do something about it?”

Being on the council has been a learning experience, she said.

“There are so many things that have to happen before just a regular old person like myself gets a question answered,” she said. “There are so many intricacies to what we might think is a small project. … I had some fun over the past two years learning about how our government works. I was very nervous – I still am very nervous – but I feel like I have learned a lot and I would like to continue to pursue the political career that I have have been enjoying, (spending) more time involved in Norwalk and putting what I have learned to use.”


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  1. thetruth

    It’s amazing that all eight BOE candidates embrace the Common Core, which was written by a trade group that had no teacher or childhood development expert present. In addition, the Core (CCSS) was pushed through to States in 2009 as a stipulation to receive federal funding. So, in other words, these candidates promote Standards that are not researched based, invalid, developmentally inappropriate (especially primary age students), and were approved in an undemocratic fashion- it only required the approval of the Governor and State Ed Commissioner. You have to wonder the motives behind the corporate “reformers” that pushed CCSS through without any public hearing. Sounds like all BOE candidates need an education. I urge fellow Norwalkers to register your disgust regarding the failure of these candidates to do their due diligence and write in Stop CCSS on Nov. 4!

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