East Norwalk needs McMurrer; vote for her Tuesday

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As a resident of East Norwalk for almost 14 years, I love this city and feel our kids have thrived in our school system. I believe this community has done a number of great things to make it a great city to live in. But there are areas that need change and improvements.

I am fortunate enough to know one person who is determined to make change happen and improve this great city. Jenn McMurrer is a Democrat running for Common Council in District C. She is a devoted wife and mother with two kids in Norwalk Public Schools, and is honest, hardworking, and simply just gets the job done, putting 150% behind all that she believes in.  As PTA president at Marvin, the things she has been able to accomplish for our school during Covid are nothing short of heroic. She is completely dedicated to the kids of this city, as evidenced by her contributions to the SGC, SPEDPAC, and PTOC.  She also has lent countless volunteer hours to various charity programs in the city.  

Jenn lends a special insight as a parent of an autistic child. Navigating the SPED programs in this city and not resting until her daughter’s needs are met are just one of the many reasons she would be a tireless leader who will advocate for YOUR children.  McMurrer is not a politician, she is a dedicated parent who knows first-hand that in order to make a difference, you need to show up, be involved, and execute on the promises you make. And most importantly, put our kids (our future) first.

There is work to be done, bridges to be gapped, and we are so very excited for the potential we see in this candidate.  So I urge you to look past the status quo, and do your research on the candidates.  I think you will find our future is bright, with the right candidate.  Please join me in voting for Jenn McMurrer on September 14!

Kathleen Boland

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Niz September 10, 2021 at 9:39 am

East Norwalk needs no one that is Dem or Rep.
It needs independents. That’s my opinion.
Based on what I am seeing & experiencing since I moved out here on 2015.

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