East Norwalk recount confirms result in TTD treasurer race

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Taber Hamilton, left, and Deb Goldstein, center, hold a press conference last month in their quest to get elected as Third Taxing District officials. Goldstein succeeded, and will be a commissioner. Hamilton fell short of becoming TTD treasurer.

NORWALK, Conn. – A recount of the Nov. 5 results in the Third Taxing District’s treasurers race confirmed Republican Michael F. Intrieri as the winner, Democratic Registrar Stuart Wells said Tuesday night in a press release.

Intrieri outpolled Democrat Taber Hamilton 710 to 695, according to the recount. Both men lost votes in the recount. Original totals were given as 715 to 699.

The only other race eligible for a recount according to Town Clerk Rick McQuaid was the Board of Education, where incumbent Republican Sue Haynie trailed Democratic newcomer Sherelle Harris by 74 votes. Harris got 6,574 votes while Haynie got 6,500. McQuaid said Haynie opted out of the recount.

Technology is better these days, he said, explaining that the tapes that come out of the voting counters are checked twice.

Checking all those votes would have been expensive, he said.

“It’s a lot cheaper to do one taxing district than it does the whole city of Norwalk,” he said.


5 responses to “East Norwalk recount confirms result in TTD treasurer race”

  1. Debora

    It is a pleasure and an honor to have campaigned with Taber. He is capable, friendly and responsible. It is my hope that his hard work is rewarded in the recount.

  2. LWitherspoon

    I have a feeling it’s going to turn out that Sue Haynie’s loss is Norwalk’s loss. Most of the things she did that earned the hatred of the Teachers Unions were designed to get taxpayers more for the vast sums of money we spend on education.
    I wonder what Lisa Thompson thinks of these results and what they portend for the future of education reform in Norwalk.

  3. EveT

    Certain BOE members were uncooperative and hostile. I am glad to see a generally more civil group elected.

  4. M Allen

    Everyone is civil until it comes time to do something. Let’s not count on civility ruling the day just because some names have changed. When the dollars start adding up and the wants and needs start getting challenged, we’ll see where it goes. It’s funny how a person who makes a cogent, respectful argument in opposition to your own will often be labeled as uncivil. Especially if they win the outcome.

  5. LWitherspoon

    Civility is important, but let’s not confuse civility and disagreement over policy. The teachers union will never say “we don’t like Sue Hayne because she negotiated hard to get taxpayers a better deal.” So instead they talk about civility. Other City Unions have done the same.
    And then of course there is Teachers Union head Bruce Mellion, who was last heard cackling “Wait until the election” to Sue Haynie at a school board meeting. Where were the civility police when that happened?
    Since “civility” and “respect” are Union buzzwords lately, will the City’s unions agree to forego next year’s pay raises in exchange for a Citywide “Union Employee Appreciation Week”?

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